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Aztec Records artist Future Analog (AKA Paul Aston) is releasing a new single, Strangelove with singer/songwriter Wesley Reid from the electronic duo O.a.G.

This is a cover version / re-imagining of the Depeche Mode song from 1987 that was the lead single from their seminal album “Music For The Masses”. Paul has always been a huge fan of the band and this song in particular as it invokes the memory of buying the album on the way to his first day at college.

Future Analog & Wesley Reid have given the song a new feel which has a more classic Synthpop sound with some elements of dance music and hope that this version will appeal to the current generation.

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14 Apr 2023 - Pet Shop Boys - Lost

Pet Shop Boys confirm that the “Lost” EP will be released digitally on April 14th, as well as available on CD with Annually 2023. The digital EP also includes a bonus Pet Shop Boys track, a new mix of “Living in the past”, which is now available to stream:

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Back To Me Again“ is the debut single on Aztec Records from Berlin-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Tommy Countach.

The song is based on a 10 year old guitar recording on his phone. Back then he was on the verge of an aspiring music career, but like ever so often, life got in the way. He lost track of himself, until recently rediscovering this old memo and remembering what used to be so heartfelt and inherent. The new single “Back To Me Again“ deals with just that and finally brings an almost forgotten song idea to light.

Tommy Countach produces all his music in his home studio using classic and modern analog synths; the pads are from a classic Roland JX8P, the bass is a modern Prophet Rev 2. The lead sound is layered between an Oberheim OBX8, a recreation of the iconic OBX from the early 80s and an original Roland D50. This results in a sound that blends between 80s synthpop nostalgia mixed with modern synthwave, mostly inspired by iconic 80s groups like The Outfield, Journey and Roxette.

The single “Back To Me Again“ is the first single of the upcoming album that is scheduled for the end of 2023.

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The new album "Hallucinate" by Thought Beings is out now.

There is no reality, there is only hallucination.
Reality is a hallucination we all agree on.

CDbuy now on Bandcamp

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14 Apr 2023 - PRIZM - Everywhere

Over the next several weeks, PRIZM will be dropping covers of some of their favourite Fleetwood Mac songs from the Rumours and Tango In The Night albums.

First up: “Everywhere” on April 14th!

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