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03 Mar 2023 - Coastal - Forever

Coastal return with 'Forever', the second single from the upcoming 2023 release 'Heartbeats'.

Coastal - the Leeds UK based duo consisting of Jonathan Fletcher and Aaron Hetherington - made an instant impression in the Synth and Retrowave scene with their debut release 'Memories' which included the fan favourite - the nostalgic 'Kyoto' and the electric, driving anthem 'Midnight Sky'.

'Forever' brings us on to a new journey into the very present. Launching in LoFi - the mood of listening to your stereo on the golden beaches, 'Forever' kicks into action bringing those heatwave vibes and the positivity those moments bring to our lives. The dynamic vocals of Aaron Hetherington tell the story of a summertime love which we hope can go on and on and never end.

With driving rhythm and bass, gorgeous synths and 80s soaked guitar solos, 'Forever' truly is the summer staple of the year.

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'Last Call' is a collaboration by belgian producer Syntronix featuring french producer Warptronic, in the mood of romantic synthwave with lyrics and melodies about an ending relartionship this track will go deep in your heart.

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Simply Red TimeSimply Red are back with a new studio album, Time. Out on 26 May via Warner Music, the album is predceded by the release of new single Better With You. You can listen to it here.

“On the song itself, I’m reminiscing on phase one of the relationship with my wife, when we first met in Milan,” Mick Hucknall says of the track. “At that time, I was single and just partying my way around the world. And I thought to myself: well, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was just going along, having a right old time. It just stemmed from there.”

“When we were in lockdown, I went, well, jeez, who am I actually?” he says. “What makes me tick? And I realised: you are a songwriter. So why don’t you write some songs about who you are? That’s really the essence of this album.”

With a career spanning 12 studio albums as Simply Red (five of them No.1s), two solo LPs, back-to-back ASCAP Most Performed Song honours (1987 and 1988) for Holding Back The Years, consecutive Brit Awards (1992 and 1993) for Best British Group, a Brit for Best British Male (1993), the 1997 MOBO for Outstanding Achievement, two Ivor Novellos (1992 Songwriter of the Year; 2002 Outstanding Song Collection), and some 60 million album sales, Mick is ready to continue the ride into the next chapter.

“Music is one of those wonderful communicators,” he says. “Each and every person can have an interpretation of a song that can mean something to them. To be able to create something that is then shared with millions of people all over the world – what a joy. How can anything be more rewarding and fulfilling than that?”

Track Listing
1. Better With You
2. Just Like You
3. Let Your Hair Down
4. Shades 22
5. It Wouldn’t Be Me
6. Never Be Gone
7. Too Long At The Fair
8. Slapbang
9. Hey Mister
10. Just Like You (Pt. 2)
11. Butterflies
12. Earth In A Lonely Space

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02 Mar 2023 - Airport 366 - Sanhattan

The debut single 'Sanhattan' of Chilean/Swiss band Airport 366 is a great introduction to their upcoming debut album Broken Nights.

Sanhattan is a blend of retrowave, soft rock and 80s power ballads that many try to emulate but few succeed so spectacularly like Airport 366.

A fire debut that will make waves in the Retrowave/Synthwave scene and beyond. This is what the band has to say ‘We define this synthpop journey as a flight of remote emotions that have been able to connect through this sound.’

Based in Santiago, Chile, Airport 366 invites us to take off this coming 2nd March 2023 on all digital platforms.

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