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A year after the release of his second album ‘Stardust Genesis’, Canadian musician/producer EhRah hits the ground running with a hypnotising single: ‘Streets After Sundown’. Featuring powerful and entrancing vocals from UK singer I Am Boleyn, this track combines her flawless performance with the pristine melodic and production quality that has become expected of EhRah.

This track takes the listener on a droning ride. Think back to the days when life was simpler. When you could just take the car at night, roll down the windows, and see where life took you. ‘Streets After Sundown’ encapsulates that nostalgic and quiet aesthetic while also incorporating energetic dance vibes throughout certain sections of the track. The layered arpeggios and synth work compliment the compelling vocal performance in a natural and immaculate way. As if they were meant for each other.

Stay on the lookout for the latest albums from EhRah, as well as I am Boleyn, as this single is only the beginning of  new musical projects for the both of them.

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