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Having been ‘discovered’ working in Liverpool’s Probe Records during the punk rock explosion, Pete Burns found himself fronting his own band, Nightmares In Wax who mutated into the more familiar Dead Or Alive, eventually bringing Pete Burns into the UK pop mainstream, and a star was born.

Bringing together early singles by both Nightmares In Wax and Dead Or Alive, Peel sessions and previously unheard demos and live recordings, ‘Let Them Drag My Soul Away’ shines a light on the pre-fame Burns and a revolving cast of bandmates and collaborators, many of whom were mainstays of both the Liverpool and broader British post-punk scene.

From the disco punk funk of ‘Black Leather’ through proto-Gothic singles ‘It’s Been Hours Now’ and ‘The Stranger’, and into early versions of hi-NRG tracks which would eventually find their way onto the band’s debut album, this is both an invigorating exploration of an emerging talent and a valuable time capsule of an important figure in both the 80s pop and gay club scenes. While so many pop stars hid their homosexuality for the sake of record sales and middle America, Pete Burns stuck up two fingers and sang loudly about both his own inner world and his desire for large, leather clad boys!

Featuring sleeve notes by Electronic Sound magazine’s Mat Smith (with new interview contributions from Wayne Hussey, Joe Musker and Francesco Mellina), and a plethora of previously unheard recordings, this is a must for fans of Pete Burns, post-punk and pop enthusiasts and those with an interest in British pop culture in the aftermath of punk’s liberation.

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Dead Or Alive - Let Them Drag My Soul Away
from Cherry Red Records

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06 May 2023 - Ultravox - Quartet

Ultravox //// Quartet
Following the success of the deluxe editions of Ultravox's Vienna and Rage In Eden albums, on 7 July Chrysalis Records will release a Deluxe Edition box set of Quartet, the band's third album with Midge Ure. 
As with the previous releases in this series, the box sets include singles / B-sides, previously unreleased rehearsals, monitor mixes and a full concert from Hammersmith Odeon 1982.

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The journey to Alan Dreezer's 3rd album "Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes" continues. The 2nd single from this forthcoming album, "99 Percent", is out now! And it received already some great reviews:

99 Percent builds from a translucent start and Alan Dreezer's expressive vocals bring an emotional intensity to the songs subject matter while the syncopated beat and bass-line underpin a smart combination of sounds, sometimes adorned by horn parts that add and R’n’B flavour to his pop style. Catchy and well executed with strong production by @highfieldstudio this will help Alan continue building his international fanbase” - Neil March (Trust The Doc)

Alan Dreezer continues his musical journey with a pop soul track that is not only catchy but has a great vibe and feel to it with top notch production. It’s definitely a song that will stay in your head all day long” - Martin Lamb (Hive Radio UK)

Alan Dreezer continues to carve out a space in contemporary soul with ‘99 Percent’, a song as catchy as it is relatable with vibrant production, punchy brass and an infectious rhythm” - Teri Woods (Moths And Giraffes)

Alan Dreezer’s 99 Percent is a hauntingly beautiful depiction of the pain of moving on from a relationship that just won’t let you go! -  John Orie (Synthpoplover)

If I closed my eyes I could imagine George Michael singing this! It got me up dancing from my chair. Fabulous 80’s vibe going on and a soul driven sound. Loving the harmonies too. It remains in your brain and makes you want to listen to it again and again!” - Suzanne Letting (Spectrum On Air Radio)

Alan Dreezer’s brilliant new single comprises 99% moody melodic and infectious soul sprinkled with 1% of magic” - Graham Lavender (Fresh Gold Radio)

Find out more about Alan Dreezer:

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05 May 2023 - Coastal - Heartbeats

Coastal are Aaron Hetherington and Jonathan Fletcher. After making an instant impression with their debut release, Memories, Coastal are back with their sophomore effort; Heartbeats.

Heartbeats is an album very much for living in the present; focusing on what you are and what you have in your life there and then. Memories was an album for reflecting on the past. Heartbeats is for here and now.

From the summer-soaked ocean drive single in Red Skies to the star-drenched, sax laden Constellations, Heartbeats is an album layered with variety whilst retaining Coastal’s signature retro sound.

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Ships Have Sailed is the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Will Carpenter. The band materialized after a hesitant decision to individually focus on new music. The process was initially daunting but the risk proved to be invigorating and refreshing. The music became uplifting and buoyant. The lyrics revealed a thoughtful and conscientious perspective. And the sound evolved into sincere indie rock with an unabashed pop structure. After sharing it with fellow musicians, Carpenter recruited a lineup that now permanently includes drummer Art Andranikyan.

Carpenter describes the band's moniker not as a pessimistic reference to the renowned idiom "that ship has sailed," but instead a fresh, positive perspective on the unexpected outcomes of unforeseen circumstances. It's an adage that can be applied to his own life of growing up in poverty in rural Vermont and being kicked out of his home as a teenager. And it’s from these challenging experiences that Carpenter often reflects on to draw introspective inspiration.

With Carpenter acting as main producer in his home studio, Ships Have Sailed has recorded and released a diverse collection of albums, EPs, and singles that consistently evoke an unrestrained cathartic desire to be heard and enjoyed. Either through crescendoing ballads or indie rock alacrity, their music always captures a uniform sense of sanguine sensibility. And by combining an ardent work ethic with an impressive range, the band has maintained a well-earned buzz that has led to international tours, impressive industry showcases, and awards honoring their independence. They’ve had several songs spend weeks in the top five on listener-voted KROQ Locals Only (“Escape,” “Stay,” and “Take My Money" all reached number one). And most recently, the band received significant exposure after their cinematic single “Broken Hearts” was placed in an episode of CBS’s legal drama Bull. 

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