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24 Aug 2021 - New Arcades - Carry On

Another sonically smooth release from New Arcades.
Carry On
A must for all synth lovers.

Not long til album 2.0 drops now!

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And In The Quiet take on The Beach Boys classic ‘God Only Knows’. 

Available digitally: click here

Follow And In The Quiet on Instagram: @andinthequiet

And In The Quiet are:

      Mike Crawford: keys + production 
      Lucas Parlato:    drums
      Raff Riffington: vocals 


     Previous releases:


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20 Aug 2021 - KVN - High & Low

KVN (pronounced Kevin) is an indie-pop supergroup composed of Austin-based artists:
DOSSEY, Primo the Alien, and Lady Heartwing.

KVN’s sound was forged in the summer of 2020 by each member’s mutual adoration of late 90s R&B and pop girl groups and modern dance music. Having each already made a name for themselves both locally and internationally, these women as songwriters, producers, and performers deliver high-energy, harmony-driven pop and dance music - a sound akin to that of En Vogue and Haim meeting in a 70s era discoteque.

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Release date: 20th August 2021

Young Empress are treading Dreamwave waters with their latest single ‘Eyes Closed’.

Written and produced by Robin & Rebecca Davies, this film fan duo are are continuing to build tracks inspired by their favourite movies, re-envisioning storylines and replacing them with soft synths and haunting guitars.

Eyes Closed radiates War of the Worlds vibes - if HG Wells wrote music then it would sound like this!

Inspired by 80s American teen drama ‘Dead Poets Society’ - Young Empress transcend into a world full of the hopes and dreams of a troubled soul. This track follows the beloved narrative of Neil Perry, as he explores new realms of self-expression and individuality, at the expense of his parents’ expectations. It creates a sense of innocence approaching a moment of temptation, uncertainty and consequence. 

Swirling vocals reverberate around the track creating a dynamic and atmospheric relationship between the realms of Retrowave and Synthpop, alongside dreamy guitars with a night drive bass line holding the spine of Eyes Closed together. 

With their debut album out later this year, you should turn your attention to Young Empress to discover what they do next!


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Compiled by Aztec Records and featuring pure synthpop songs from some of the hottest synthpop acts in the scene such as:

Young Empress / LAU / Surrender / Friday Night Firefight / Coastal / Cymatica / Pleasure / Primo / Syst3m Glitch & Van Derand / Badison / Power Rob / Heartracer / Thought Beings / Gryff / Mike Haunted & Chris KD / Mondmann ft. Anny Where / NINA ft. LAU / Zenith Volt

Don't forget to stream / buy Pure Synthpop Volume 1 too!

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