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Hot on the heels of Laura Dre's debut album release comes electro pop’s ascendant queen new single 'Beautiful Summer'. Sultry synths and groovy beats drive Laura’s smooth contralto voice, inviting fun and wild abandon - "It’s a feel-good tune to enjoy a beautiful summer with a special someone".

Laura Dre’s poignant, but often sexy and thought-provoking electronic and contemporary synth pop, breathes new life into the ever popular and evolving synth and retrowave scene, and indeed into modern electronic pop itself. Debut album 'Moving Spaces', produced by Laura Dre & Robert Harder, out now through Outland Recordings.

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Maxx Parker teams up with Natalie Gray for his fourth single 'Wait For Me'.

'Wait For Me' mixes Maxx Parker's upbeat 80's pop driven production with Natalie Gray's soulful, emotive vocals. The lyrical content revolves around finding the strength to believe in yourself when chances you have had in life fall through.

This juxtaposition between the upbeat, bouncy production and the heartfelt, personal lyrics make this song a compelling listen.

Maxx Parker will release his first album on September 17.
Pre-order Outsider on Bandcamp now!

Outsider is Maxx Parker's debut album released on Aztec Records and features artists LAU, Thought Beings, GeoVoc, Natalie Gray, Young Empress and Syst3m Glitch. The collaboration between such diverse acts delivers songs that are ignited with melodic and atmospheric arrangement and production coupled with emotional, powerful, heartfelt vocals and lyrics.

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13 Aug 2021 - Thought Beings - Radio

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Recent 100% Electronica signing Caroline Loveglow has just shared a beautiful debut single called 'Patience Etc...'.

‘Patience Etc…’ is a woozy swirl of neon haze, blurring the lines between Hatchie, The Cocteau Twins and Lou Hayter.

Links to various streaming platforms can be found here.

One of LA’s most promising up-and-coming artists!

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09 Aug 2021 - Infra Violet - Grow

Infra Violet are very proud to be releasing the video for their new single 'Grow'. 

Here's what they say about it: "So much hard work has gone into this and it wouldn't have been possible without the help of director Matt Anderson, DOP Kyle Jones and our fantastic actress Daisy Moloney".

'Grow' is from the upcoming debut album 'Dream Tether' being released on CD / LP / Cassette on August 13, 2021.


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