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At 1980 are back with another album that is set to be on constant rotation on your musical devices. This is a must listen album that showcases exceptional + exciting production along and solid song writing combinations we have heard in a while. If you liked "A Thousand Lives", you will LOVE "Late Night Calls'.

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The Instrumental companion showcase release to celebrate the culmination of 'phase one' of Fused. Each track has been specifically chosen, and all have been reinvented for this release in order to best display the works of the artist.

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Jewel case CD Remix EP, includes the 12” Extended Mix
and brilliant remixes by Alka, Zinqmind, Daybreakers, Unterberg,
Ai Accident, LorD and Master, People Theatre, and Hollowlove

Release Date: August 13

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Coastal are Aaron Hetherington and Jonathan Fletcher. Hailing from Leeds in the United Kingdom, the duo’s journey has taken them from fronting a Hardcore inspired metal band to now taking a leap into the 80s synthwave scene. 

Opening softly, Kyoto is soaked with layer upon layer of late night ambience. The Leeds based duo invited fellow Aztec Records artist Oblique to provide guest vocals to the track. The gentle vocals merge perfectly and together tell the story of living your life in the moment, full of spontaneous adventure, but doing it all with someone you love. 

Featuring a slick saxophone section, Kyoto paints an atmospheric landscape of serene, breathtaking mountains that offer brief escapism from the busy, non-stop lives everyone has. 

Kyoto is Coastal’s third entry into the Synthwave scene, part of their full length debut album titled ‘Memories’ due for release in the back end of 2021.  

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International synthpop artist christopher ANTON announces Genesis of Sound II

The new fully remastered singles collection is available in digital and physical CD formats

Genesis of Sound II includes classic christopher ANTON tracks, and cover songs, including Blinding Lights (The Weeknd), Send Me An Angel (Real Life), and Circles (Post Malone)

christopher ANTON has teamed up with producer and songwriter Nick James of The Voice and the Snake, as well as songwriters Richard Broadhead of Mesh, and Peter Rainman of People Theatre, with remixes by Ricardo Autobahn, RE:Active, and Skyler D. White (Scyia) for the release. 

All tracks have been remastered for Genesis of Sound II by Skyler D. White

Complete album track list below.

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