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As a thrilling return to the Techno-Pop sound that he helped to define with electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk between 1974's 'Autobahn' and 1986's 'Electric Café', an all new electronic album Magazine 1 has been crafted by Wolfgang Flür alongside some of the most famous names of synth-pop and electronic dance, past and present.

Featuring Midge Ure (Ultravox), Peter Hook (New Order) and Claudia Brücken (Propaganda), alongside the legendary Techno DJ's Juan Atkins and Carl Cox and Electro-Pop titans U96, plus appearances by celebrated alternative electronic artists and composers Ramón Amezcua (AKA Bostich), MAPS and Anushka, adding just a frisson of deft contemporary nuance to the proceedings!

Available in CD and LP format.

Wolfgang Flür - Magazine 1 is out Friday, 4th March 2022 on Cherry Red Records and available for pre-order now.

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16 Jan 2022 - Maxthor - Far Away

The new single by Maxthor, Far Away, is out now and sounds stunning!

Coming out of Spain in a haze of neon lights, electro synth pulses and eighties rock brilliance is Maxthor, a three piece with a unique and original retro futuristic sound. Forging a broad spectrum of influences, Maxthor take irresistible echoes of eighties giants like Phil Collins, Billy Idol and Survivor and filter them through their own lens of synth driven futurist-nostalgia.

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14 Jan 2022 - LAU - Instant Sunshine

LAU’s fourth and final single ’Instant Sunshine’ is finally here, giving us a taste of what’s to expect from her brand new album due in February 2022.

This Synthpop track has a strong Disco influence and talks about connecting with someone over the distance, and dreaming of that moment when they finally met face to face, after months of build up and uncertainty.

For ‘Instant Sunshine’, LAU has teamed up once again with American producer Brian Skeel, with whom she’s worked on her first album ‘Believer’ and the result is as catchy as always.

Out now on Aztec Records!

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The new single from Oblique, Souvenirs From The Future, is out now on Aztec Records and has a more minimalist approach when it comes to sounds and textures but it is full of positivity, and gives a message of hope to a world which is in desperate need of this kind of energy.

It’s a vibrant synthpop track where the vocal melody goes direct to the heart. and to the most retro dance floor will bear the signature of this duo that is already embarking on a new project for this 2022.

Oblique are also in the process of shooting their brand new video clip for this song, where dancing, femininity and the search for inner connection are the main focus.

Cover design by the prestigious 3D designer Toni Buenadicha.

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The new Ships Have Sailed single "Broken Hearts" is out now! 

Stream / buy it now:

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