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03 Mar 2023 - Coastal - Forever

Coastal return with 'Forever', the second single from the upcoming 2023 release 'Heartbeats'.

Coastal - the Leeds UK based duo consisting of Jonathan Fletcher and Aaron Hetherington - made an instant impression in the Synth and Retrowave scene with their debut release 'Memories' which included the fan favourite - the nostalgic 'Kyoto' and the electric, driving anthem 'Midnight Sky'.

'Forever' brings us on to a new journey into the very present. Launching in LoFi - the mood of listening to your stereo on the golden beaches, 'Forever' kicks into action bringing those heatwave vibes and the positivity those moments bring to our lives. The dynamic vocals of Aaron Hetherington tell the story of a summertime love which we hope can go on and on and never end.

With driving rhythm and bass, gorgeous synths and 80s soaked guitar solos, 'Forever' truly is the summer staple of the year.

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