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The journey to Alan Dreezer's 3rd album "Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes" continues. The 2nd single from this forthcoming album, "99 Percent", is out now! And it received already some great reviews:

99 Percent builds from a translucent start and Alan Dreezer's expressive vocals bring an emotional intensity to the songs subject matter while the syncopated beat and bass-line underpin a smart combination of sounds, sometimes adorned by horn parts that add and R’n’B flavour to his pop style. Catchy and well executed with strong production by @highfieldstudio this will help Alan continue building his international fanbase” - Neil March (Trust The Doc)

Alan Dreezer continues his musical journey with a pop soul track that is not only catchy but has a great vibe and feel to it with top notch production. It’s definitely a song that will stay in your head all day long” - Martin Lamb (Hive Radio UK)

Alan Dreezer continues to carve out a space in contemporary soul with ‘99 Percent’, a song as catchy as it is relatable with vibrant production, punchy brass and an infectious rhythm” - Teri Woods (Moths And Giraffes)

Alan Dreezer’s 99 Percent is a hauntingly beautiful depiction of the pain of moving on from a relationship that just won’t let you go! -  John Orie (Synthpoplover)

If I closed my eyes I could imagine George Michael singing this! It got me up dancing from my chair. Fabulous 80’s vibe going on and a soul driven sound. Loving the harmonies too. It remains in your brain and makes you want to listen to it again and again!” - Suzanne Letting (Spectrum On Air Radio)

Alan Dreezer’s brilliant new single comprises 99% moody melodic and infectious soul sprinkled with 1% of magic” - Graham Lavender (Fresh Gold Radio)

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