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03 Jun 2022 - Pensacola Mist - Horizon

Pensacola Mist 'play it cool' with their final ear-worm of a single 'Horizon', ahead of the highly anticipated release of their album 'Lost In Love' this Summer. With more than a few nods to action-filled cop movies of the 80s, 'Horizon' takes us on an adrenaline-filled car chase through the Hollywood Hills after a bank robbery goes awry. A tale of inexperience, ineptitude and fear unfolds. What happens when you're born in the City of Angels with a Devil on your shoulder?

Click on the artwork to stream or buy 'Horizon'. 

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1) Re: Pensacola Mist - Horizon
Written by Guest on 11 Oct 2022, 12:50
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2) Re: Pensacola Mist - Horizon
Written by Guest on 12 Oct 2022, 03:11
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