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Born out of a love for synthwave, 80's rock, vintage synths and loud guitars - Cymatica is a UK/Canada collaboration between James & Terena, after meeting in Dubai and playing together on the international circuit since 2017.

While their influences are wide ranging - the heart of their music lies in the 80's, from movie soundtracks to the music legends of the era.

After two amazing singles, 'Hours' and 'Caskets' they are ready to release their debut EP entitles 'Somewhere In Between'

"Lead single 'Somewhere In Between' comes from my own experience of losing people & being inundated with signs from the beyond. Even though we are limited visually in this dimension, - there is plenty more at play out there." 

'Broken Toys' is referring to how backwards the world is going. Technology, politics, media; examples of how things are a bit 'broken' in society and some changes need to be made. 'Strange Minority' applies to anyone who's ever felt like they don't fit in somewhere. We should be comfortable being ourselves without worry or fear.

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