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Fused is an electronic music artist influenced by Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Mesh, Tenek, De/Vision, Parralox, OMD and Lowe, who has been releasing commercially as Fused since 2018.

"No Fear" is the 10th commercial maxi single from Fused, and is a driven, modern electronic pop powerhouse influenced from the classic electropop and industrial music of the 1980s. Released as a four track single "No Fear" features the main single mix, an “Extended Version”, a more industrial flavoured “Control Mix” and bonus track called “Midnight Drive” inspired by mid 80s and modern Synthwave.

"No Fear (Remixes)" are a hard hitting, wide ranging remix companion release to the incredibly well received "No Fear" single from December 2020. Pushing the remix envelope "No Fear (Remixes)" include modern club vibe EDM, classic early 80s Gary Numan, a homage to the 1981 Depeche Mode album "Speak and Spell", and a brand new cinematic instrumental piece "The Dalotek Affair".

"No Fear (Instrumental Edition)" is a voxless collection of all six mixes of highly well received "No Fear" maxi singles in as well as two brand new cinematic vibe mixes of "The Dalotek Affair" and "Midnight Drive".

This is an essential purchase for all fans of modern electropop music that wears its influences with pride.

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