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The new Softwave single 'System Failure' seeks to show how important it is to maintain a permanent balance, a harmony between connecting with other people via a computer – and actually socializing in physical form. A contrast between the modern and traditional way of communication, for lack of better wording. 

For the first time ever SoftWave has included vocoded vocals by Jerry Olsen, to emphasize how much certain people live their lives through a computer – and almost communicate to the world with it.


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New Arcades are officially back with 'In The Deepest Of Dreams', a synth-packed gem packed with magical textures and a high replay value. An absolute must for synthlovers. Features collaborations with Queen of Synthpop NINA, Dana Jean Phoenix and Aviel. Delve into the most wondrous parts of your imagination and enjoy this album on CD, 12" vinyl, cassette or Mini Disc!

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19 Sep 2021 - Maxx Parker - Outsider

Outsider is Maxx Parker's debut album released on Aztec Records and features artists LAU, Thought Beings, GeoVoc, Natalie Gray, Young Empress and Syst3m Glitch. The collaboration between such diverse acts delivers songs that are ignited with melodic and atmospheric arrangement and production coupled with emotional, powerful, heartfelt vocals and lyrics.

The album draws on themes of love, heartbreak, nostalgia and self-reflection. The opening track 'Shimmer ft. GeoVoc' starts off the album with a reflective, delicately crafted introduction that eases the listener in. The album cuts between upbeat, 80's pop tracks like 'Wait For Me ft. Natalie Gray' and 'Hot Summer Nights' that will get you moving and tracks like 'Forbidden Treasures ft. Thought Beings', 'Ain't Enough ft. Syst3m' and 'Drown Your Sorrow ft. LAU' guide us through stories of love and heartbreak that anchors the emotional side of Outsider.

The album also produces tracks like 'Neo-Noir' with driving bass lines and catchy synths that are directly for the fans of traditional synthwave whilst songs like 'Last Dance ft. Young Empress' and 'Cloudscape ft. GeoVoc' stride into a more experimental direction showcasing untraditional instrumentation and bold vocals.

Outsider is a smooth blend of contemporary synthwave that draws on elements of traditional 80's pop music whilst incorporating atmospheric, experimental sounds achieving a release that will serve as a fresh paragon in the synthwave/retrowave genre.

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Listen to this excellent remix of Deep Blue now!

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