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Automatic Call is the lead single for Nina's 2nd album. 

It includes some amazing remixes from the strongest referents of the Synthwave and Retrowave scene including Morgan Willis, Absolute Valentine, Makeup And Vanity Set, The New Division and Le Cassette.

Written by Nina Boldt, Laura Fares, J. Wide

Produced by Oscillian

Mastered by Mike Marsh

Release date: November 29, 2019

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Finally the fourth Daybehavior album is released.
Based On A True Story

The album is available at major services:

iTunes | GooglePlay | Spotify

Daybehavior also released a new video: Tears That Dry

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In the latest 132-page Classic Pop Presents special, you will find the flamboyant and colourful world of the New Romantics.

From the scene's origins as an underground movement borne out of the Blitz Club in Soho through to the worldwide surge of popularity that led to mainstream success for some of the major players who made their indelible musical mark, such as Boy GeorgeSpandau BalletVisage and Duran Duran.

Inside you'll find the story of the Godfather of the scene, Steve Strange, and explore his pioneering band Visage with the help of Blitz DJ and band member Rusty Egan and fellow band-mate Midge Ure, who moved on to front Ultravox.

Spandau Ballet's Steve Norman talks about the making of Spandau Ballet's game-changing debut album Journeys To Glory. Read about the Rum Runner Club, that gave rise to yet another of the scene's major success stories, Duran Duran

This issue has plenty more to be enjoyed, including an exploration of David Bowie's influence on the movement and Japan's Gentlemen Wear Polaroids album  – plus eye-opening interviews with some of the scene's faces to get their side of this fascinating era, including ToyahPrincess Julia and Mark Shaw

Chris Sullivan shares his hilarious memories of the times and Blitz Kids fashion designer Judith Franklin and photographer Graham Smith talk about the New Romantic fashion.

Also inside, there's the Top 40 Essential New Romantic playlist, the design styles and artwork of the scene's many fine releases, and all with stunning photos throughout!

Order your copy here: Classic Pop Presents the New Romantics

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This is the first time albums ‘Protest Songs’, ‘Andromeda Heights’ and ‘Let’s Change The World With Music’ have been remastered on vinyl. Excitingly, critically acclaimed album ‘Steve McQueen’ arrives as a ½ speed remaster from the original tapes and follows its 2007 ‘legacy edition’ release.

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