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New York-based Synthwave/Italo disco duo, Bunny X, will release their highly anticipated first full-length album, “Young & In Love” on October 5, 2021 through Aztec Records.

Taking inspiration directly from 1980s John Hughes classics such as The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, Bunny X (Abigail Gordon and Mary Hanley) created “Young & In Love” as a concept record oozing with nostalgic and youthful themes such as young love, first crushes, teen angst and anxiety.

“We wanted to take our listeners back to a time when music connected with us in a passionate and relatable way,” says Abigail. “These tracks pay tribute to what made 80s music so special - the fact that it was delivered in an earnest and unironic way”.

The retrowave 10-track list of “Young & In Love” brings Bunny X together with Synthwave stalwarts Sellorekt/LA Dreams and Don Dellpiero, NYC-based producer Gosteffects and GRAMMY Award-winning engineer, Tony Lake.

Bunny X has been electrifying stages with their live performances in NYC and beyond for nearly a decade. The duo have released Italo disco and 80s-inspired music throughout their career, including two EPs and numerous singles, but the pair have yet to realize an LP-length collection, until now.

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01 Oct 2021 - Nina - Gold Heart

Out now: The beautiful new single by Nina and it is called Gold Heart.

A stunning piece of synthpop music, Nina, Radio Wolf and Ricky Wilde have created one of the best songs of 2021 so far. Gold Heart takes Nina’s sound to a whole new level and.... We love it!

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01 Oct 2021 - Erasure - Ne:EP

Erasure - Ne:EP

Ne:EP is a 5 track companion EP to Erasure's Top 5 UK charting album The Neon, featuring 4 brand new songs from the legendary synth pop duo plus Secrets, which originally appeared on The Neon Remixed. The release celebrates the band's UK tour with North America and EU dates to follow in 2022.

The EP is being released on CD and as a limited edition purple shell Cassette that includes a high definition download code. Also available as a bundle.

Erasure - Ne:EP is released Friday, 1st October on Mute and available to order now.


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Popcorn Kid's latest single, Moment In Time, featuring Noxigen is an upbeat, glam rock-esque Synthwave track that talks about when love consumes you so much that it collapses time. Suddenly, you find your whole days blending to create one endless loop. So, you find yourself believing this would last forever. And eventually, all you can think about is how life has always been this way and will only continue to be this way. 

Popcorn Kid's synth work has always been top-notch, owing to the multi-genre background he comes from. Collaborating with his childhood friend Noxigen was the missing piece of the puzzle. The song is driven by the signature synth melody first heard at the beginning of the song and the big chorus of Noxigen, who also takes a solo on this one. Where he pays tribute to the late legend Eddie Van Halen. The return of the huge drum sounds and big wide bass is no surprise as it has been heard all over Popcorn Kid's discography.

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