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The Human Leaugue couldn't announce anything before today but they are now very excited to confirm their collaboration with the amazing Purple Disco Machine on a 40th Anniversary edition of Don’t You Want Me.

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The latest STEPS single from What The Future Holds (Part 2) is out now!
Check out the A Hundred Years Of Winter (EP) now featuring the F9 Radio Mix!


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19 Nov 2021 - Le Cast - Lucid Dream

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19 Nov 2021 - Honey Beard - Lighthouse

Honey Beard is an award winning Electronic Synthwave duo from Toronto, Canada. The band have been creating music since 2012 drawing on early influences such as Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and The Doors. The band have built up quite a reputation for their frenetic live performances with edgy songs that have shaken up typical synthwave tropes while balancing dark synths over bright thumping beats. 

Honey Beard released their debut EP “Thousand Million Things” in 2015 to much fanfare and in March of 2017, the band released their debut full length album "Dreamless Sleep". They launched the album to a sold out crowd at Toronto's Junction City Music Hall, with the album earning them praise from fans and critics alike, including Canada's most famous musical historian Alan Cross. "Dreamless Sleep" had a long chart run on college radio since its release and enjoyed popular rotation on Canada's national broadcaster CBC Radio and Sirus XM. Later that year Honey Beard won the 'Best Electronic Artist' award at the Toronto Independent Music Awards 2017!


Honey Beard followed up the success of their album with an EP called Reverie in 2018 which started them down the path of the Synthwave genre culminating in a move to sign with British independent label 'Retro Reverb Records'.


Fast forward to 2019 and Honey Beard have just released their 4th studio record ‘Whispers of Light’ and their first true foray into the synthwave scene. The EP has already made an impact on the burgeoning community with Forever Synth, Nightride FM, Karl Magi and Cobra Commander giving the record top marks in their review.


Honey Beards first release on Vinyl and second studio album 'Oneiros' caps off a turbulent 2021 with an eclectic electronic record that is both exciting and introspective at the same time. 'Oneiros' completes the nearly 6 year concept narrative woven through each record since the debut in 2016, culminating in their best piece of music yet.

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