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09 Jan 2005 - Best Of Britpop?

David Bowie, Queen and Robbie Williams head a shortlist of the best 25 British pop songs since 1977.

A panel of music industry and media experts drew up the list for the Brits 25 Best Song Award - and can expect flak after leaving out a host of big names.

The list - which will see Radio 2 listeners vote for their fave song - has been launched to mark a quarter of a century of the Brit Awards.

Classics to have made the cut include Bowie's "Heroes", "London Calling" by The Clash, "Wonderwall" by Oasis and "Angels" by Robbie Williams.

More recent hits such as "Dry Your Eyes" by The Streets and Will Young's "Leave Right Now" also made the final 25.

The five most popular as voted for by music fans will be announced later this month with the overall winner revealed on February 9.

Colin Martin, editor of BBC Radio 2 Music, who sat on the panel, said: "British chart music is a massive part of our popular culture and looking back at what has been produced since the Brits first began in 1977 has highlighted what a wealth of outstanding talent we have produced.

"Distilling over a quarter century of hits to a list of 25 to be voted on by Radio 2 listeners has been one of the most difficult tasks I have ever shared in."

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Scissor Sisters released the UK's top selling album of 2004.


Their eponymous debut album, released on February 2, sold 1,594, 259 copies last year, beating Keane's "Hopes And Fears" by just 582 copies.

The New York group released four hit singles from the album: "Comfortably Numb", "Take Your Mama", "Laura" and "Mary".

Robbie Williams' "Greatest Hits" came third in the year-ending sales charts.

Maroon 5's "Songs About Jane" and Katie Melua's "Call Off The Search" made up the Top 5.

The chairman of Universal Music UK, home to both Scissor Sisters and Keane, said: "It's a fantastic result."

"What is most special is that the two biggest-selling albums of the year are both from brand new UK-signed artists."

The top selling album of 2003 was Dido's "Life For Rent". Robbie Williams' "Escapology" topped the chart in 2002 and Dido's "No Angel" sold most in 2001.
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Madonna is to be the new face of an advertising campaign for the Italian fashion house Versace, according to a spokeswoman for the fashion-house, confirming a report in the magazine Women's Wear Daily.

The 46-year-old singer is a long-standing friend of Donatella Versace, artistic director of the couture and luxury read-to-wear label.


The campaign for spring-summer 2005 will be shot by the fashion photographer Mario Testino and will centre on four pictures of Madonna, wearing day and evening wear, on the theme of women in the office.

"She's an icon," Donatella told WWD. "She is an innovator, a groundbreaker and the best in her field. She relates to women of all ages. She's got extraordinary personal style and has been a friend of mine and the house for many years."
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09 Jan 2005 - Downloading beats CDs

Sales of legal download singles have finally overtaken those of physical CD singles according to figures released in the UK.

Reported on, the 2004 Christmas period saw a surge in sales of legitimate downloads due to the popularity of portable music players such as the iPod as gifts.

Last week 312,290 downloads were sold against 282,399 CD singles.

Of all the singles in the UK Top 40, only Band Aid 20’s "Do They Know It’s Christmas?" and Steve Brookstein’s "Against All Odds" sold more than 25,000 physical copies.

Commenting on the figure, Ben Drury of 7 Digital Media, one of the main UK-based distributors of digital downloads, said: "This is a hugely significant milestone for the emerging download market and it has occurred much earlier than previously predicted."

However, a British Phonographic Industry spokesperson said that talk of the end of CD singles was premature.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, they said: "It's been another year of decline in CD singles sales but the rate of decline has slowed compared with the previous year.

"It's too soon to talk about the death knell of the CD single - there will always be a demand for physical tracks."
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8 January 2005


1.  Morrissey
(1)...I Have Forgiven Jesus

11.   Axelle Red
(13)...Je Pense À Toi
2.   OneTwo
(2)...Item E.P.
12.   Gwen Stefani
(8)...What You Waiting For
3.   Kylie Minogue
(4)...I Believe In You
13.   Futureshock
(12)...Late At Night
4.   Joke Jay
14.   Kristian Leontiou
5.   Marianne Rosenberg
(3)...Marleen 2004
15.   Amber
(10)...You Move Me
6.   Eric Prydz
(5)...Call On Me
16.   Thomas Anders
(16)...Just Dream
7.   Marianne Rosenberg
(11)...Er Gehört Zu Mir 2004
17.  Erasure

8.   Milky
(14)...Be My World
18.   Tube & Berger
(15)...Straight Ahead
9.   In_Vox ft. Andy Bell
(9)...Will I Ever
19.   Scissor Sisters
(-)...Filthy / Gorgeous
10.   Depeche Mode
(7)...Enjoy The Silence 2004
20.   Alcazar


 Michael Gray - The Weekend 
 Joss Stone - Right To Be Wrong 

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