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15 Nov 2004 - 80's News

THE SMITHS are apparently the latest band to inspire a musical. 'Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others' is to be staged at London's Hammersmith Lyric Theatre in July 2005 and will feature more than 20 songs by the band arranged for a string quartet and sung live by the cast. MORRISSEY and JOHNNY MARR have apparently given their permission for the show to use their music in the production which is described as "neither biographical, nor set to a musical score but evolve through a loose pastiche of scenes linked to each of the songs"!

PET SHOP BOYS, ABC, SPANDAU BALLET, SIMPLE MINDS, DOLLAR and FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD are among artists featured on the forthcoming compilation of artists who have worked with legendary producer TREVOR HORN. The double CD album 'Produced By Trevor Horn' will be released on November 22nd.

MARC ALMOND has now left the hospital where he has been undergoing treatment for the injuries received in his recent motorcycle accident. The SOFT CELL singer has been moved to a private clinic here he will continue to recover from the accident. Progress is expected to be slow but doctors are now confident that the singer will make a ful recovery.

BAND AID's new recording of 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' was recorded today and will be mixed and finished in time to be digitally delivered to radio stations across the country in time for an 8am broadcast on Tuesday morning. The record has already been added to the BBC Radio 1 playlist for next week despite the fact that it was still unrecorded at the time!

KAJAGOOGOO are in talks with Dan from Big Brother 5 about the possibility of his joining the recently reunited band as their new vocalist.

CARBON/SILICON, the new project from SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK's Tony James and THE CLASH's Mick Jones, have announced three UK shows in the UK. The duo will play Glasgow, Cleethorpes and Derby in December.

CONCRETE BLONDE have recorded a version of Coldplay's 'The Scientist' for inclusion in the forthcoming film 'Wicker Park'. The band have also announced a one-off UK show at London's Underworld in March next year.

CHINA CRISIS will play a rare show at Liverpool's Carling Academy in December.

THE CURE's frontman ROBERT SMITH made a surprise appearance onstage with Placebo at their London Wembley Arena show at the weekend. Smith appeared onstage to duet on Placebo's 'Without You I'm Nothing' as well as leading a special rendition of The Cure's 'Boys Don't Cry'.

HALL & OATES' 1984 single 'Out Of Touch' has been reworked on a forthcoming dance single. 'Out Of Touch' by United Nations will be released on November 22nd.

DURAN DURAN and BANANARAMA are to be the subjects of strange tributes as part of next week's UK charity telethon 'Children In Need'... five of the UK's most respected male newsreaders will be dressing up as Duran Duran and performing a very special version of 'Wild Boys', while three female newsreaders will become Bananarama! To redress the balance somewhat Duran Duran themselves will also be appearing on the show.

TALKING HEADS classic 'Psycho Killer' has been covered by up and coming rock artist (and sometime GARY NUMAN collaborator) Rico, and was released as a single this week.
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Important New Entries (Monday 15 November 2004)

01. U2 - Vertigo
31. Finn Brothers - Nothing Wrong With You
43. Prince - Cinnamon Girl

For the full chart click on:

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12 Nov 2004 - Tom Waits - Real Gone

"Real Gone" has been written and produced by Tom Waits with his wife and long-time collaborator, Kathleen Brennan. Featuring fifteen tracks that echo everything from primal blues to what Waits describes as cubist funk, "Real Gone" is a unique musical mash that is also noteworthy for being the first Tom Waits album to be piano-less.

Visit: /

On tour now!

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12 Nov 2004 - Thomas Dolby


One Of Our Submarines EP

This CD was conceived by techno mavens Salz as an Anglo-German production exploring different facets of Thomas Dolby's 1981 recording of ""One Of Our Submarines"".

The original was the B-side of his international hit single ""She Blinded Me With Science"", and as such it was mainly overlooked by the commercial mainstream.

However, to club goers, fans and electronic music afficianados, it remains one of the stand-out songs of its era.

The sonic layering of the track suggests dark underwater worlds of wartime hell.

Not surprising, seeing as Dolby's uncle (featured in a black and white photo on the CD cover) drowned in a British submarine on manoeuvres late in the Second World War.

Forty (Live CD)

This is a live CD, recorded at two special invitation-only Thomas Dolby concerts.

For more information on this CD:
visit the Forum (best 80's single - Thomas Dolby - I scare myself)

Visit also:


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8 November 2004

[u][i]1.   Morrissey[/i][/u]
[u][i](1)...Let Me Kiss You[/i][/u]

2.   Junoir Jack
3.   Alcazar
4.   Billie Ray Martin
(3)...Je Regrette...
5.  Sweet Coffee
(8)...Holdin' On
6.   Mustafa Sandal
7.   The Blue Nile
(5)...I Would Never
8.  Axelle Red
9. Tube & Berger
(15)...Straight Ahead
10.  R.E.M.
(12)...Leaving New York

11.   Enigma
(9)...Boum Boum
12.   Morrissey
(7)...First Of The Gang...
13.  Futureshock
(14)...Late At Night
14.  Rammstein
(16)... Amerika
15.   Girls Aloud
(10)...The Show
16.  Nancy Sinatra
(18)...Let Me Kiss You
17.  Maroon 5
(17)...She Will Be Loved
[b]18. Scissor Sisters[/b]
19.  Paola E Chiara
20.  Rammstein
(19)...Mein Teil

[color=CC0000]Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For[/color]
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