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If you live in Argentina:

LAU be playing her first ever show in Buenos Aires on November 14, organised by Buenos Aires Outrun.
Get your tickets here:

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31 Oct 2021 - New Arcades - Corridors

This is a halloween treat, a dark instrumental track from very early New Arcades days, which in the end was left unused/unreleased. (It was made specifically for a film trailer). We thought some people may like to hear it. So heres a bandcamp exclusive!

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The Rocco Destro Remix of ‘Waiting On Your Call’ is a reimagining of producer and musician Marc Matthews’ debut single featuring American singer Sophie Defrench.

Waiting On Your Call is a slow tempo and brooding love song that combines digital synths, electronic drums, and haunting Billie Eilish-inspired vocals to create a melancholic soundscape.

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Will Young

As many of you know, next year marks the 20th anniversary since you all voted for me as the original winner of Pop Idol, something for which I am forever grateful. I have been so fortunate and thankful that for the 20 years that followed you have supported me in all my endeavours. It's only thanks to you all that I have been able to carry on doing what I love most, which is writing and recording music, and performing live. 

I have spent the last few months planning how to mark 2022 in the biggest way possible, and top of the list had to be an anniversary tour where I play all of your favourite songs from across my career.  The '20 Years Tour' goes on general sale Friday October 29.

If that wasn't enough, I am also working on '20 Years - The Greatest Hits' a new singles collection that spans from 'Evergreen', 'Light My Fire', 'Leave Right Now', 'Jealousy' right up to more recent singles such as 'All The Songs' and 'Daniel' plus two brand-new original songs I've been in the studio working on which I am very excited to share.  The album will be available on standard CDsigned deluxe CD (in special packaging with some unseen photos and unreleased material/acoustic tracks I've been working my way through to choose for you) and vinyl.

Check out the album on my store here.

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