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Top 20 October 29, 2005
TW / LW / WC Artist - Song
01 / (02) / (5) Sugababes - Push The Button
02 / (01) / (10) Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha??
03 / (05) / (4) Depeche Mode - Precious
04 / (03) / (7) Andy Bell - Crazy
05 / (09) / (4) The Ark - Trust Is Shareware
06 / (11) / (3) Bodies Without Organs - Gone
07 / (04) / (11) Daniel Powter - Bad Day
08 / (06) / (9) Girls Aloud - Long Hot Summer??
09 / (14) / (2) Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To
10 / (07) / (8) Axelle Red - I Had A Dream
11 / (08) / (8) James Blunt - You're Beautiful
12 / (15) / (3) Liberty X - Song 4 Lovers
13 / (10) / (10) Texas - Getaway
14 / (13) / (6) Faithless - Insomnia 2005
15 / (12) / (7) Simple Minds - Home??
16 / (19) / (2) Katie Melua - Nine Million Bicycles
17 / (---) / (1) Lisa Scott-Lee - Electric
18 / (---) / (1) Simply Red - Perfect Love
19 / (16) / (9) Gwen Stefani - Cool
20 / (17) / (13) Bodies Without Organs - Open Door
Tips: Dannii & Soul Seekerz - Perfection
Kate Bush - King Of The Mountain

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The second single taken from the 'Black & White 050505' album is a new mix of Stranger entitled 'Stranger (London Mix)'. An iTunes (UK) exclusive, the new mix will be available for download from Tuesday November 1, 2005.

Best known for their US No.1 hit single ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ and anthemic rock songs ‘Alive and Kicking’ and ‘Waterfront’, Simple Minds have sold over 30 million albums worldwide. There influence is far and wide and name-checks everyone from Bloc Party, The Bravery to The Killers.

'Stranger (London Mix)' was remixed in London by Jez Coad, and includes a different opening introduction, added keyboards and percussion, extra sequencing and backing vocals.

The song, along with the critically acclaimed "Black & White 050505" album, is being hailed as the most accomplished Simple Minds album in years. 'Stranger', along with other songs from the current album, will be performed on Simple Minds' 2006 European Tour which kicks off on January 31, 2006 at the Belfast Waterfront Hall Auditorium.

Simple Minds 2005 from left to right: Jim Kerr (vocals), Charlie Burchill (guitar), Mel Gaynor (drums),
Eddie Duffy (bass). Photo: (c) 2005 Sarah Cresswell

Jim Kerr's spectacular, if not, seductive, vocal reigns triumphant over this epic and emotionally charged rock song. Together with co-founder and lead guitarist Charlie Burchill, they have crafted a pop that propels Simple Minds into a new sonic dimension.

'Stranger' radiates vintage Simple Minds with Mel Gaynor's pulsating drums, Andy Gillespie's haunting keyboards, Eddie Duffy's thumping bass lines and Charlie Burchill's distinctive guitar playing.

'Stranger' delivers everything Simple Minds is known for - passion, uplifting musical spirit, emotional dynamics, and joyous melodies set against a blistering rhythm track, all of which are polished off with state-of-the-art production values.

Says vocalist Jim Kerr, "Of all these new songs I feel that 'Stranger' captures most the 'the spirit of the big pop songs' that are second nature to Simple Minds."

If any of the recent reviews of the current album are to go by, it looks like Simple Minds are on their way to another exciting new chapter in their 30 year plus career.

For more info:

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24 Oct 2005 - Some New Releases

?? ??
New album by Bananarama packed with pop-fuelled tales of lust, madness, and disco insanity, "Drama" is a luscious mix of electro beats, happy house, boogie nights and even the occasional ballad. Will be released on November 15th. A new single "Look On The Floor" arrives November 8th.

November 8th marks the release of 4 European reissues from the popular British new wave band ABC. Each disc has been Digitally Remastered with Bonus Tracks including previously unreleased material.

Dead Can Dance release their first-ever career-spanning single-disc collection. "Memento" gathers 15 tracks, covering just over 78 minutes worth of musical selections from the band who broke ground in many genres, defying categorization.

Duran Duran release the DVD "Live From London". First live concert DVD to be released with the five original reunited band members. This DVD captures the last two shows from the band's record-breaking 2004 run of sold-out concerts at London's Wembley Arena. It features all of the hits from their 25 year catalog plus some of the chart-topping singles from their most recent studio album, Astronaut.

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The new Rammstein album 'Rosenrot'
(special limited edition with bonus DVD)

01. Benzin
02. Mann Gegen Mann
03. Rosenrot
04. Spring
05. Wo Bist Du
06. Stirb Nicht Vor Mir
07. Zerstören
08. Hilf Mir
09. Te Quiero Puta
10. Feuer &Wasser
11. Ein Lied

Bonus DVD:

01. Reise, Reise (Live From??Nimes/France July 2005)
02. Mein Teil (Live From Club Citta, Kangawa/Japan June 2005)
03. Sonne (Live From Brixton Academy, London/UK February 2005)

Release Dates
: from October 28th, 2005

The new single:

Benzin (CDs)

Album infos, audio snippets, pictures and more:
Explore the new album "Rosenrot" on a frosty polar expedition!

Check out the flashcard "Rosenrot"

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The wait is nearly over... 'King of the Mountain', the new Kate Bush single is released next week on CD and limited edition 7" picture disc, both of which include an exclusive non-album bonus track, 'Sexual Healing'.

'King of the Mountain' is the first single to be lifted from Kate's new double album 'Aerial' which is released on November 7.

To see the video and lyrics for 'King of the Mountain' go to Kate's official website at and you can also view the 'Aerial' sleeve artwork and tracklisting. Click here to pre-order 'King of the Mountain' on CD from Amazon or click here to buy the one-track download from iTunes (UK only) now.

??There is no other recording artist in the world today quite like Kate Bush. In the course of her twenty-seven year career, since her dramatic arrival at nineteen years of age in 1978 with the hauntingly beautiful and instantly classic 'Wuthering Heights', Bush has built a reputation that remains unrivalled in terms of musical ambition, pioneering sonics, stirring emotional content and sheer originality.

Now after a twelve-year silence, Kate Bush returns with her eighth album 'Aerial', a double disc masterpiece that is characteristically bold and expensive, brimming with atmosphere, mystery, passion and complex aural detail.
Disc One comprises seven songs, ranging from the evocative lead-off single 'King Of The Mountain', through to the emotive reading of a lengthy section of the infinite series of numbers in 'Pi', to the playful, spell-life 'How To Be Invisible' and the moving, impressionistic conclusion 'A Coral Room'.

Disc Two is a conceptual piece in nine parts, built around recurring motifs of lights and birdsong, following a day from afternoon through dusk and night and on to sunrise.

"An alchemists's return. 5/5 - Album of the Month." - Observer Music Monthly
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