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Lisa Loeb just returned from an incredible trip, playing concerts in Japan and Hawaii, and has many more concerts coming up soon.

Feb 03, New York, NY, Lincoln Center-American Songbook,
Feb 04, Bridgeport, CT, Acoustic Café,
Feb 27, Albany, NY, The Egg Center for Performing Arts,
Mar 01, Burlington, VT, Higher Grounds,
Mar 02, Northampton, MA, Iron Horse,
Mar 04, Bloomfield, NJ, 12 Miles West Theater,
Mar 05, Bryn Mawr, PA, The Point,
Mar 06, Sellersville, PA, Sellersville Theater,
Mar 08, Annapolis, MD, Ram's Head Tavern,
Mar 09, Washington DC, The Barns at Wolf Trap,

As always, there are more concerts being booked as we speak and even some dates coming up in Europe and the UK in May! Check out for further information.

Listen for Lisa's music on TV!
You can hear "Try" in Summerland this season as well as on the soon to be released Summerland soundtrack.
You can hear "I Control the Sun" on Charmed.
And you can hear "Fools Like Me" on Grey's Anatomy.
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