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Nick Kamen / The Complete Collection

6CD box set features albums and a plethora of remixes

Believe it or not, Levi 501 wearing model-turned-popstar Nick Kamen released four albums between 1987 and 1992. All of them are now collected in a new box set, The Complete Collection, along with two discs of ‘remixes & rarities’.

Essex-born Nick Kamen is best known for the 1986 UK top ten single ‘Each Time You Break My Heart’, which was co-written by Madonna. The song effectively adopts Madonna’s sound circa 1986, thanks to Madonna and Stephen Bray producing. Nick Kamen only bothered the top end of the British singles chart one more time, with its follow-up ‘Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever’ (which reached number 16).

The four albums have been remastered and are as follows: Nick Kamen (1987), Us (1988)Move Until We Fly (1990) and Whatever, Whenever (1992). Each has appropriate seven-inch, dub and 12-inch remixes appended and on top of that there’s two discs at the end packed with more remixes from the likes of Jellybean, Arthur Baker and Shep Pettibone.

The label are claiming 20 previously unreleased mixes in this package, which also includes two previously unreleased songs in ‘So Sad’ (the Everly Brothers number) and ‘Right On Track’, a cover of the song by American band The Breakfast Club (Madonna and Stephen Bray both drummed for them at different points in time).

The set comes with a booklet with notes, including contributions from producers Stephen Bray and Toby Andersen.

The Complete Collection will be released on 24 July 2020 via Cherry Pop.

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