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27 Oct 2020 - Introducing: Wet Sunset

Somewhere between northern lights and palm trees: that is where Wet Sunset comes from. 

The brand new Franco-Swedish electro-pop trio delivers a moody and flamboyant first EP (A Deep Blue Swimming Pool - out on Aztec Records in October) in the spirit of Chromatics, FKA Twigs or Fever Ray

Signing on Aztec Records is first of all a great joy for us because it means getting recognition and support! Plus the fact that Aztec Records is an international London based label just gives us that extra pride and ego boost.

Singing on Aztec Records is also the result of a year long working progress. We’ve spent hours and hours in the studio messing around with these songs and getting our music out on a label is simply super satisfying... also meaning that we will be able to reach out for new fans. 

The three of us have very different musical backgrounds and taste but we all share the same love for artists like Fever Ray or Chromatics and more widely known artists like Erik Satie, Ariel Pink, Morrissey or Pixies.

Concerning the A Deep Blue Swimming Pool (EP):
In terms of sound and texture, we wanted to create something intense and shiny yet deep and nuanced, a sort of contrast between the brightness of the northern light and the mildness of a southern dusk. The lyrics are purely and simply the transcription of fertile dreams or hallucinogenic experiences that can be interpreted as little journeys behind a kaleidoscopic screen: introspection, meditation, contemplation and distortion of space and time... 

Fanny, Alex & Fredrik O. aka Wet Sunset. 

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