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After a successful career in modelling and acting, Victoria Arteeva teamed up with song writer and film composer Anton Fauve to produce an album of unique cutting edge contemporary pop under the name ARTEEVA.

The debut single, ‘Gotta Play Your Cards Right’ has a slow-paced seductive atmosphere, Arteeva’s melodic vocals wash over deep 80’s style synth hooks and loops. With current influences such as Billie Eilish & Dua Lipa, the overall sensual feel of the track and whispering inflections of the vocals make for a tense, enticing listen. Uplifting and mysterious, ‘Gotta Play Your Cards Right’ is a promising debut, the song perfectly showcases her uniquely soft and sensual voice and with it’s mid-tempo driving riff is sure to be an international success.


‘Gotta Play Your Cards Right’ is set to be released on Aztec Records on February 25.


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