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After a successful 2021 releasing synth pop inspired music and making a name for herself in the synth world, Natalie Gray is proud to release her latest single: 'Dance Floor'.

'Dance Floor' is inspired by songs Natalie Gray grew up with including Madonna’s 'Material Girl', Prince’s 'Cream' and Whitney Houston’s 'How Will I Know'.

Written by Natalie Gray, Luke Burnet-Smith and Jack Craig, as with Daft Punk a couple of years back, they have created their own throwback sound full of pop hooks and a sing-along chorus that will have you instantly wishing for a dance floor as the nostalgia descends.

The subject of 'Dance Floor' is all about inclusivity. No matter who you are, music brings us all together and on the dance floor we are all one. Natalie is a strong advocate for equal rights especially for the LGBTQ+ community and has performed numerous times at Pride’s across the UK as well marching as an alley every chance she gets.

Streaming & Download links: 'Dance Floor'

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