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Introducing The Lightning Kids and their debut album 'All Of Those Nights', out 25/11/22 on Aztec Records.

Formed during lockdown 2021, The Lightning Kids are singer-songwriter Emma Ballantine, guitarist/producer Darryn McHardie (aka Cinematix 1993) and songwriter/producer Jonny Spalding.

Described as the sound of 'Synthwave 2.0' and 'the Retrowave London Grammar', The Lightning Kids have strong Synthwave roots mixed with influences by British alternative bands like The 1975 and nods to great Californian records by The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac.

'All Of Those Nights' tells the story of two star-crossed teenagers living in 1980's California and their long lost endless summer nights riding in fast cars, dancing at amusement parks and lying underneath the stars. Love, loss, heartbreak and growing up. Like The greatest John Hughes movie never made.

Recorded remotely during Spring 2022, each song was self-produced by The Lightning Kids in the band's home-made studio setup, before mixing was completed in Summer with Brian Skeel.

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