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21 Aug 2004 - Kristian Leontiou

Kristian Leontiou in the press:

Kristian Leontiou mixes the looks of a skate-punk with the songwriting skills of seasoned professional and the voice of a soulful angel to create his first blast at the charts Story Of My Life??. Taken from his debut album ??Some Day Soon?? this is an exquisite slice of pop-rock magnificence destined for stadium filling status.


??Shining?? is the second single to be lifted from Kristian Leontiou??s hugely successful debut album ??Some Day Soon?? and continues to show just why he has been heralded as one of the brightest stars of 2004. As with first single ??Story Of My Life?? this is a soulful track featuring Leontiou??s amazing vocal delivery.


The debut album from 21 year old Londoner Kristian Leontiou is a magnificent work of epic pop genius that showcases his monumental voice to spectacular effect. First single and opening track ??The Story Of My Life?? kicks things off in grandiose style before the album settles down to a sedate set of love fuelled anthems including the brilliant ??Shining??, ??It??s OK?? and ??Caught In The Moment??. A remarkable debut from an outstanding new talent.

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