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18 Aug 2023 - Darwinmcd - Interlude

Darwinmcd is pleased to inform you that the "Interlude" EP has been released on all streaming services and Bandcamp on August 18, 2023

"Interlude" includes previously released singles "Maybe" and "Split", as well as new songs "You & Me" (an upbeat and enthusiastic electronic dance track), "Nowhere" (an introspective and hopeful chillwave song) and "Link" (a subtle and brief echo of "Split"). 

An "Interlude" CD is also available to purchase on Bandcamp. The digital download and CD pre-order are available now at

Tracklist for the "Interlude" EP:

  1. Split
  2. You & Me
  3. Maybe
  4. Nowhere
  5. Link 

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New Arcades brand new album "Leave Something Behind"
will be released on September 1, 2023 on Timeslave Recordings.

Pre-save album #3 now!

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The Last Concorde's long-awaited third album 'Flashback' is packed to the rafters with beautiful instrumental synthwave and guest vocal collaborations from artists like The Lightning Kids and viral sensation Dreamkid. Enjoy this album cruising the highways at night or sipping a cocktail on a Mediterranean beach...

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Message from Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light:

As Album 5 heads into final mixing, I'm so excited to be sharing another track 'Down To One' with you on September 15th.

As you know I made my first film score and it came out in June. This track uses some sonic elements from my film score - which was about fashion and queer culture - and this song is about lust, love and obsession, inspired by some of my favourite Italian horror films set in chic fashion houses with glamorous models and handsome men.

It's a dance track that I hope will add a pep to your step this September with a special video to follow on a certain notable date in October.

Pre-Save the song at the link HERE!

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Reach Back Through Time is the second collaboration between Costa Rican composer/producer Walter Alienson and British singer-songwriter/producer Minute Taker. After meeting in an online synthwave fan group in 2020, they joined forces remotely to create their first irresistibly nostalgic synth-pop song Neon Lines. Released in 2021, the track celebrated how retrowave music can bring like-minded people from all over the world together in their shared love of all things 80s.

That theme is expanded upon in Reach Back Through Time, a song that seeks to reconnect you with your childhood self and all of the dreams and passions that shaped your world back then. 

Mixed by Matt Aslanian (Jessie Frye, Timecop1983, Ollie Wride), the song simultaneously sounds old and new, with influences from 80s synthpop like A-ha and Pet Shop Boys, along with modern synthwave like The Midnight, and even some prog rock ballads by the likes of ELO and Supertramp.

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