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I’m pretending this is just the sad part of a movie.
And that you’re racing through the street to get back home.
I wanna change our storyline to a happy ending.
But everywhere I look I see writing on the wall.

Written and produced by Primo the Alien
Co-produced by Taylor J. Webb and Heartcave
Mixed by Taylor J. Webb
Mastered by Chris Gehringer
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New Arcades has released "One More Day" featuring Rachel Jane. It also features a special guitar solo from Ben Trickey!

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After spending more than a decade as frontman for a Scottish Alternative Rock band, Arcade Memories (aka Aaron Murray) turned to producing Synthwave due to the worldwide pandemic putting a stop to meeting up with band members. After two years of honing the skills of his newfound musical passion he reached out to Aztec Records who took him under their wing and invited him to join their roster.

'Runaway' is a song about how running away from your demons will never make them go away and sometimes you just need to meet them head on and deal with them.

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On a sunny, early summer’s day in 2020 – the first summer season of the pandemic – author Roy Freirich drove from his home in Malibu, California, to his local post office to mail a book to his Faroese musician friend Teitur. But when he arrived and a postal worker informed him of the astronomical cost of shipping the book halfway around the world, he decided against it and drove home again – book-in-hand.

A different, more budget-friendly form of correspondence would continue between the two creative minds, involving the author sharing his life experiences during the pandemic. Passages from the emails were mined and refined by Teitur, who crafted them into lyrics and used them as inspiration for the music he wrote for the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra on their new collaborative album, SONGS FROM A SOCIAL DISTANCE. The writing process began in the tumultuous year of 2020, reflecting the then-current state of things – the first summer of the corona pandemic raging along with all of its frustrations, fears, insecurities, rules, and insistence to keep a social distance.

On SONGS FROM A SOCIAL DISTANCE, the music for voice and big band revolves around the frustrations and bumps in the road that arose in what should have been just another trip to the post office.

Out now on LP, CD and DL:

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Mondmann, a German producer of electronic music recently released this beautiful new song called 'Into Your Arms'.

New York City based synthesist-songwriter Jay Wires dials up catchy electropop infused with human emotion & synthpop art with a human heart. With a long history of dealing vintage synths to rockstars, Jay Wires finally started releasing music of his own in August 2022 through Yes Trigger Music.

Don’t Say Goodbye’ is a true story about being ghosted by a narcissist during the isolation and loneliness of COVID lockdown, cleverly disguised as an upbeat synthpop ditty that’s been compared to Yazoo and The Postal Service.

Two of the best names in synthwave, Arcade High and Syst3m Glitch, come together with radically different remixes of Up All Night by Moonrunner83 and Matthew Clanton.

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