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Reach Back Through Time is the second collaboration between Costa Rican composer/producer Walter Alienson and British singer-songwriter/producer Minute Taker. After meeting in an online synthwave fan group in 2020, they joined forces remotely to create their first irresistibly nostalgic synth-pop song Neon Lines. Released in 2021, the track celebrated how retrowave music can bring like-minded people from all over the world together in their shared love of all things 80s.

That theme is expanded upon in Reach Back Through Time, a song that seeks to reconnect you with your childhood self and all of the dreams and passions that shaped your world back then. 

Mixed by Matt Aslanian (Jessie Frye, Timecop1983, Ollie Wride), the song simultaneously sounds old and new, with influences from 80s synthpop like A-ha and Pet Shop Boys, along with modern synthwave like The Midnight, and even some prog rock ballads by the likes of ELO and Supertramp.

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Erasure - Always: The Very Best Of Erasure (2023 Vinyl 2LP Edition)

Originally released on CD to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Erasure, Always - The Very Best Of Erasure is released on vinyl for the very first time.

Presented as a double heavyweight black vinyl package, this version includes their biggest singles including 'A Little Respect', 'Oh L'Amour' and 'Sometimes' as well as two tracks released since the original Always - The Very Best Of Erasure, 'Love You To The Sky' and 'Hey Now (Think I Got a Feeling)'.

This is also the first Vinyl 'Best Of' compilation since the 1992 UK No 1 album 'Pop! - The First 20 Hits' and brings the collection up to date.

Erasure - Always: The Very Best Of Erasure (2023 Vinyl Edition) is released this today and available now.

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Martin Gore was actually THE reason why Kay from Platronic started with writing songs. It was literally love at first listen. She was overwhelmed by the intensity and intimacy of his lyrics and could not get enough of this special warm vibrato of his voice. Town And Towers Records eventually encouraged her to cover one of her favourite songs. Together with her partner in crime Sami, Platronic has created a very personal and sensual version of 'The Things You Said'...

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Electronic - Get The Message: The Best Of Electronic

Electronic are proud to announce the reissue of Get The Message: The Best Of Electronic on 2CD featuring B-sides, remixes and rare tracks alongside a double vinyl edition.

One of the first post-punk super groups, Electronic is the on-off project formed by New Order's Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr, former guitarist of the Smiths. The album features guest appearances by Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys ('Getting Away With It' and 'Disappointed') and Karl Bartos of Kraftwerk ('For You' and 'Imitation Of Life').

Electronic - Get The Message: The Best Of Electronic is out 29th September 2023 and available to pre-order now.

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"Last Days Of You" is the first single from Kidburn’s upcoming new album "Fooled By The Rush Of Growing Up (late 2023)". The follow up to the highly successful “Love In Times Of Death (2022)”

This new song talks about the last days of two young lovers before the end of their relationship. They both know that their relationship is doomed and there’s no way they could change that. As written in the lyrics: “we’re only lovers, waiting for the end to come …”.

This single melancholy mood anticipates the focus of the entire album. The transitional period between adolescence and adulthood that every human being goes through. The theme of the album is generational changes, family, parenting, young love. A genuine ‘coming of age’ story that will resonate with audiences worldwide.

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