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Introducing ‘The Lightning Kids’ and their first remix album ‘FM’, out on July 21, 2023, via Aztec Records.

Following the success of debut album ‘All Of Those Nights’ in late 2022, gathering strong reviews in the Synthwave community and described as ‘Retrowave London Grammar’. The Lightning Kids return with a special project of remixes and collaborations on the same set of songs.

FM’ is an 8-track remix album featuring some of The Lightning Kids' favourite artists including Sunglasses Kid, Cassetter, The Last Concorde, Kidburn, Adam Ford & Francci. 2 bonus tracks come from UK Techno DJ Amy Lauren and Belgium producer The Hawkins Kid.

Based around a theme of night-driving through Los Angeles in the mid-1980’s whilst listening to late-night FM radio stations, across chilled-Jams (Motel), 80’s power-MOR (California), Funk-Dance (Cool, The Boys Of Summer) and futuristic-synthwave (Ride), ‘FM’ re-imagines some of The Lightning Kids incredible debut œuvre.

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After the success of her second studio album Circumstance and Circumstance (The Remixes), the Argentinean Retrowave songstress and producer LAU is back with Circumstance (Take Two), this time re-imagining her sophomore album with a fantastic group of international guest artists. Each vocalist re-wrote a part of the song, giving the whole album new life, and a brand new spin.

This album also includes the exclusive track “Two Strangers” (produced by Brian Skeel), which wasn’t included in the first take of album.

LAU felt that there was more to this story, so she’s invited Minute Taker (UK), I Am Boleyn (UK), The Lightning Kids (UK), Heartracer (USA), Pensacola Mist (UK), Lessus (Spain), Natalie Gray (UK), Alessandra Boldrini (Italy), Airport 366 (Switzerland) and Kidburn (Italy) to take on this new challenge.

The result is a fantastic new take on Circumstance, consisting of eleven Synthpop / Retrowave / Nu Disco tracks as originally produced by Brian Skeel (USA), Zak Vortex (UK), Ends 84 (France), Saint Innocent (France), Popcorn Kid (India), Adam Siana (Sweden) and TAKTA (Norway).

Even LAU’s popular cover version of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” got a new twist, with the fantastic Minute Taker as a guest vocalist.

Release date: July 28, 2023

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'Pure Summer Synths (Volume 1)' is a compilation album that brings together the best of Summer Synths music in an exciting blend of Pop, Electronic, Synthwave, and Dance styles. Curated by Aztec Records, this album features a selection of standout artists from their record label, as well as special guest contributors, all of whom are experts in crafting vibrant and catchy melodies with synthesized sounds.

The songs featured in 'Pure Summer Synths (Volume 1)' offer a wide range of emotions, from upbeat and optimistic pop melodies to pulsating electronic beats that invite you to dance. The elements of Synthwave, with its retro-futuristic style, intertwine with modern sounds of dance music, creating a unique and refreshing fusion.

'Pure Summer Synths (Volume 1)' is the perfect companion for sunny days, beach parties, or simply enjoying a summer afternoon. With its combination of exciting musical styles and the skill of its artists, this album immerses you in a musical journey full of energy and positive emotions.

Featured artists:
Bunny X & Don Dellpiero / The Lightning Kids / I Am Boleyn / Ehrah & LAU / Kidburn / Adam Siana / CATBEAR / Lucy Dreams / Hanna Rua / Alessandra Boldrini / LAU / Ehrah & VENMC / Primo The Alien & Sunglasses Kid / Hey Sonny / Michael Elliot & Teya Flow Arcade Memories Mike Summer Saint Innocent Tommy Countach Robots With Rayguns Oblique Arcade Ocean

Release date: July 7, 2023

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The original *Happiness Not Included sessions were so fruitful that the CD version of the album, subtitled *Happiness Now Completed, features 10 brand new Marc Almond and Dave Ball tracks, plus unreleased mixes, remixes and single-only tracks. The new 75-minute set fits snugly into to the rear section of the existing CD book format. 

*Happiness Now Completed also includes a newly re-recorded version of fan favourite Last Chance, with the addition of a full brass section, plus cover versions of Fad Gadget’s Back To Nature and X-Ray Spex’s The Day The World Turned Day Glo.

Lead track First Hand Experience Of Second Hand Love was originally recorded by Giorgio Moroder, a huge influence on Soft Cell. Dave Ball created the backing track shortly before Marc Almond’s near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2003, and it was two decades before the vocals were recorded.

“Marc and I were really keen to use all the music we made during the *Happiness sessions,” says Dave. “Our original plan had been to make a 16-song album, but that turned out to be over an hour long, so we whittled it down to 12, and decided to save the other songs for a rainy day. It’s now time to release them. We’re already discussing the prospect of another Soft Cell album, so it’s important to get these songs out now so we can start from scratch on more material.”

“I’ve always said that I’m up for new Soft Cell music if Dave has the tunes,” adds Marc. “If you’d asked me, a few months before the O2 concert, whether Soft Cell had a future, I’d have said no. But everything seemed right again from that point. Once I got used to the idea of new music, I became really excited.

“The original working title for *Happiness Not Included had been Future Nostalgia, but Dua Lipa annoyingly came up with the same idea before our album was ready, so that was off the table. As far as the studio goes, Dave and I work at a distance. He sends me ideas and tunes, and I write the lyrics and record my vocals. That’s not a new thing, either. Soft Cell has always been that way. Things just happen… and sometimes they don’t.”

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