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UK producer and songwriter Future Analog (aka Paul Aston) is releasing a new Album ‘Lost Without You‘ via Aztec Records. The album includes previously released singles Sinners, Searching, The World and the Depeche Mode cover Strangelove. The album is completed with new collaborations with Wesley Reid & the Electronic Duo - O.A.G.

Lost Without You was written, recorded and produced at Paul’s own studio over the course of a year and represents the realisation of a lifelong dream to commercially release an album. The tracks are a mix of Synthpop & Retrowave combining modern House and Dance beats with the two genres. Clear influences can be heard from the likes of Depeche Mode, The Pet Shop Boys and Erasure among others.

Of particular mention are the vocal & lyric writing talents of Wesley Reid who features on 5 tracks.

With this album, Future Analog continues to push Retrowave boundaries and adds to the genre with dance & house beats and modern production elements. Future Analog is very proud of this Album and  hopes people will choose to add it to their collections.

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