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'Pure Summer Synths (Volume 1)' is a compilation album that brings together the best of Summer Synths music in an exciting blend of Pop, Electronic, Synthwave, and Dance styles. Curated by Aztec Records, this album features a selection of standout artists from their record label, as well as special guest contributors, all of whom are experts in crafting vibrant and catchy melodies with synthesized sounds.

The songs featured in 'Pure Summer Synths (Volume 1)' offer a wide range of emotions, from upbeat and optimistic pop melodies to pulsating electronic beats that invite you to dance. The elements of Synthwave, with its retro-futuristic style, intertwine with modern sounds of dance music, creating a unique and refreshing fusion.

'Pure Summer Synths (Volume 1)' is the perfect companion for sunny days, beach parties, or simply enjoying a summer afternoon. With its combination of exciting musical styles and the skill of its artists, this album immerses you in a musical journey full of energy and positive emotions.

Featured artists:
Bunny X & Don Dellpiero / The Lightning Kids / I Am Boleyn / Ehrah & LAU / Kidburn / Adam Siana / CATBEAR / Lucy Dreams / Hanna Rua / Alessandra Boldrini / LAU / Ehrah & VENMC / Primo The Alien & Sunglasses Kid / Hey Sonny / Michael Elliot & Teya Flow Arcade Memories Mike Summer Saint Innocent Tommy Countach Robots With Rayguns Oblique Arcade Ocean

Release date: July 7, 2023

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