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Introducing ‘The Lightning Kids’ and their first remix album ‘FM’, out on July 21, 2023, via Aztec Records.

Following the success of debut album ‘All Of Those Nights’ in late 2022, gathering strong reviews in the Synthwave community and described as ‘Retrowave London Grammar’. The Lightning Kids return with a special project of remixes and collaborations on the same set of songs.

FM’ is an 8-track remix album featuring some of The Lightning Kids' favourite artists including Sunglasses Kid, Cassetter, The Last Concorde, Kidburn, Adam Ford & Francci. 2 bonus tracks come from UK Techno DJ Amy Lauren and Belgium producer The Hawkins Kid.

Based around a theme of night-driving through Los Angeles in the mid-1980’s whilst listening to late-night FM radio stations, across chilled-Jams (Motel), 80’s power-MOR (California), Funk-Dance (Cool, The Boys Of Summer) and futuristic-synthwave (Ride), ‘FM’ re-imagines some of The Lightning Kids incredible debut œuvre.

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