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18 Aug 2023 - Darwinmcd - Interlude

Darwinmcd is pleased to inform you that the "Interlude" EP has been released on all streaming services and Bandcamp on August 18, 2023

"Interlude" includes previously released singles "Maybe" and "Split", as well as new songs "You & Me" (an upbeat and enthusiastic electronic dance track), "Nowhere" (an introspective and hopeful chillwave song) and "Link" (a subtle and brief echo of "Split"). 

An "Interlude" CD is also available to purchase on Bandcamp. The digital download and CD pre-order are available now at

Tracklist for the "Interlude" EP:

  1. Split
  2. You & Me
  3. Maybe
  4. Nowhere
  5. Link 

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