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40 years since their debut ‘Happy Families', Blancmange have re-signed to London Records and announced their seventeenth studio album ‘Private View’ for release on 30th September. 

Pre-order 'Private View':

Listen to new single 'Some Times These': 

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"Try Again" is the new, romantic synthpop single by German producer Mondmann and New Yorkers Bunny X, a collaboration that has been in the making for quite a while as Mondmann initially approached Bunny X about working together in mid-2021, however, at the time, Bunny X was still in the process of finishing up their album, Young & In Love.

Click on the artwork to stream or purchase.
Mondmann & Bunny X
Try Again
Wednesday May 25

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22 May 2022 - Primo The Alien - Worlds

New single out now!

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22 May 2022 - Platronic - Now!

The new single NOW! by Platronic was written, composed and recorded during the "White Nights" in a cottage in Finland. Kay and Sami tried to capture this special mood in their song. Maybe you can hear the serenity, the blue glimmering lake, the summer heat and the energy of the nature!

NOW! is a very atmospheric and philosophical piece of Dreampop, Chillout and 90’s Electronica. Platronic wants to encourage and inspire people to be brave! Love it, leave it or change it. It's your life and your time is NOW!

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RetroReverbRythms Volume 2 is a charity album featuring 38 artists from across the synthwave scene, raising money for The Mental Health Foundation

This album is dedicated to anyone feeling lost or alone, finding the chaos almost unbearable. We decided to support mental health because both we, Cole and Al, and several of our artists have been affected by mental health issues. Cole and Al were both affected by their mothers' struggles with their mental health. My role as owner brings me into contact with more people than I could ever have imagined and I've come to realise just how many people out there are affected by this. A special shout goes out to Elixernine , one of the most creative people I know who suffers greatly. May the light of this album help to lead you on your path!

Click artwork to buy on CD / Cassette or as Download.

RetroReverbRhythms Volume 1 is also still available!

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