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31 May 2004 - Eurythmics Albums

Eight of their best albums so far...

In The GardenSweet DreamsTouch1984
Be Yourself TonightRevengeSavageWe Too Are One
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31 May 2004 - Mari Wilson Discography

The Neasden Queen Of Soul, The Nymphet Of The Nail Varnish, Miss Bee Hive; these are only a few of the acronyms used by the British press to describe vocalist Mari Wilson. Taking her cue from Peggy Lee, Julie London, Diana Ross, Freda Payne and several others, the London Burrough Of Brent High Board Champion, followed by an ever-growing entourage of backup singers and musicians took their act to the offices of Compact Records and promptly hit it big. Her second single, Beat The Beat, was heard on the radio by Bryan Ferry who called it 'the strangest thing I'd heard in five years,' and promptly invited Mari to support the Roxy big band on the Avalon tour. Concerts and television appearances continued, and Mari's Compact career peaked when she recorded the theme to Dance With A Stranger, starring Miranda Richardson and Rupert Everett. After Compact faded from the face of the earth Mari began to pursue a career as a jazz singer, performing anywhere and everywhere.

ShowpeopleMarigoldJust What I Always
Beat The Beat
Dance CardBeat The BeatBaby It's TrueJust What I Always
Wanted (7")
Just What I Always
Wanted (12")
Beware Boyfriend
Beware Boyfriend
Cry Me A River

WonderfulAin't That PeculiarLet's Make This LastDance With??A


CD: The Rhythm Romance

CDs: The Rhythm
CDs: My Funny Valentine
CDs: I'm Coming Home


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31 May 2004 - Morrissey News

Morrissey entered the official British charts at #3 with his first single in years, Irish Blood, English Heart. It's his biggest hit to date! The album You Are The Quarry entered the album charts at #2!


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31 May 2004 - 80's News

PET SHOP BOYS' track 'Jack & Jill Party' - written for DEAD OR ALIVE frontman PETE BURNS - is nearing completion after being mixed by producer Bob Kraushaar. The single will be released on the PSB's own Olde English label and will feature three versions of the track; a single version, an instrumental, and an extended dance mix. 'Jack & Jill Party' will be released on June 7th and will be available on the Pet Shop Boys' Olde English label via their official website.

ICEHOUSE are making another track form their forthcoming album available for download from their website. The track is entitled 'Chemicals' and will be included on their forthcoming album 'Bi -Polar Poems' which is still in production.

ERASURE singer ANDY BELL is rumoured to be working on his autobiography for publication in October. Meanwhile Erasure are working on a new studio album and Bell is also working on some dance-influenced music that he is expected to release as a solo artist.

KAJAGOOGOO have been working on the forthcoming reissues of their albums 'White Feathers', 'Islands' and 'Crazy People's Right To Speak'. The albums are now remastered and each set of bonus tracks has been finalised and a release date is expected very soon!

BANANARAMA have almost completed work on their new album, and are hoping to release the record later this year. The duo are currently working with the Swedish production team Murlyn who are responsible for hits from Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and Sugababes among others. BANANARAMA will also have their first five albums reissued in June. 'Deep Sea Skiving', 'Bananarama', 'True Confessions', 'WOW!' and 'Pop Life' will be remastered and issued with bonus tracks and mixes although none of the tracklistings is available so far...

KYLIE MINOGUE has provided the voice for Florence the cow in the forthcoming animated film 'The Magic Roundabout'. Robbie Williams provides the voice of Dougal the dog for the film that is due for release this Christmas.

SOFT CELL singer MARC ALMOND features on a limited edition 7" vinyl single by electro producers and DJ's Punx Soundcheck. The singer has written two tracks - 'Vanity, Poverty, Revenge' and 'Neo-Burlesque' - for which he has also provided vocals. The release is limited to 500 copies and was released on May 8th.

ERASURE mainman VINCE CLARKE has collaborated with HEAVEN 17's MARTYN WARE on two very different collaborations. The duo have decorated a garden shed for 'The Other Flower Show' an exhibit at London's Victoria & Albert Museum 'exploring the theme of flowers, gardens and nature' which will run from 28th May to July 11th. The pair, working under their 'Illustrious Company' banner, are also working on an eighteen-minute musical composition for The Royal Ballet for a forthcoming piece based on the Diaghilev ballet 'Petrushka' about the secret life of puppets. The performance will feature 20 dancers from the Royal Ballet and ERASURE's ANDY BELL will sing a 2 minute acapella piece at the end, to accompany the death of Petrushka.

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31 May 2004 - New Releases

Axelle RedAxelle Red
Toujours (CDs)G.L.O.R.I.A. (CDs)

ABBAGabrielleMaroon 5Franz Ferdinand
Waterloo (7"& CDs)Stay The Same (CDs)This Love (CDs)Matinée (DVDs)
Janet JacksonJanet Jackson
All Nite (CDs)Damita Jo (CD)
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