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Unreleased song 'Man Like Me' and 10th Anniversary Edition of 'Make Me Believe in Hope'

'Make Me Believe In Hope' turns 10 on June 3rd so to celebrate there is going to be a super deluxe Anniversary Edition - 4CDs, 4 volumes digitally and a special cassette: 

CD1 - The Original 2012 Master 
CD2 - Unreleased Songs & Demos 
CD3 - The Remixes 
CD4 - Make Me Believe In Hope - Extended Mixes 

As of TODAY you can pre-save this unreleased song 'Man Like Me' that I wrote in a cabin the Swedish countryside with my friends Sound Of Arrows back in 2010. This will be on the CD2 of the 4 CD set, and volume 2 of the deluxe digital release. 

The Deluxe pre-order links will be coming on April 1st, and you'll get this as a free download with deluxe digital pre-order also.

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