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LAU’s second album “Circumstance” re-imagined by 12 producers from around the world.


Includes 12 fantastic remixes from Luke Million, Thought Beings, The Last Concorde, Oblique, Walter Alienson, Diskette, Sebastian Da Vinn, Ends 84, HMNS, Young Empress, LLUVA and SYNTRONIXFrom Synthwave to House, to Disco, to Trip Hop to Retrowave, this Remixes album is a must-have gem.


Track List:


  1. Instant Sunshine (HMNS Remix)
  2. What To Do (Sebastian Da Vinn Remix)
  3. The Fire (Walter Alienson Remix)
  4. Instant Sunshine (Diskette Remix)
  5. What To Do (Young Empress Remix)
  6. Instant Sunshine (Luke Million Remix)
  7. Give Her Your Love (The Last Concorde Remix)
  8. If You Could Know (Oblique Remix)
  9. Give Her Your Love (SYNTRONIX Remix)
  10. Instant Sunshine (Thought Beings Remix)
  11. Give Her Your Love (Ends 84 Remix)
  12. Undecided (LLUVA Remix)


Pre-save link:

Release date: April 29, 2022, on Aztec Records.

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