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For the second collaboration between Mike Haunted & Chris KD, the two artists deliver a catchy and groovy synthpop song named ‘Neverending Sunrise’ that plays like an '80s movie, end credits song. 

The lyrics talk about a couple on the run who has nothing left to lose. During a chase on the highway the two are mesmerized by a magnificent and infinite sunrise who is rising again and again like a loop sequence. It turns out they hadn’t realised they died in a car crash on this no-return road trip. 

Mike had this to say about the track ‘It's certainly the most cheerful track that I have written so far so I wanted to add something darker, with a dramatic edge into the lyrics to create a paradox. Chris did the job wonderfully with an enticing melody and power delivery. 

This single is the second part of three tracks which are like a triptych. They will be on the next Mike Haunted' s EP 's coming soon.

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