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Tectonic Plates by Dubstar is out now! 

The song was initially conceived as an expression of suppressed feelings, illustrated with occasionally geomorphological lyrics, to convey the childlike anticipation of a promised love which has yet to surface. 

As recording progressed, the sessions became an unwitting exercise in regression therapy, with the band gravitating irresistibly to sound-sources from their respective early childhoods in order to access forgotten feelings. As a consequence, Tectonic Plates presents like a stylistic retrospective at times, with audible references to Tubeway Army, XTC and Bowie’s Lodger. There are even whimsical suggestions of Nile Rogers’ work with Sister Sledge, but among the musical snapshots of 1979, Dubstar seek to position the now-infantilised listener in a volatile landscape.

Deceptively cute, the result is a single which sounds like a vision of the future, but as it was perceived in the past.

Recorded with producer Stephen Hague (who knows a thing or two about vintage equipment) the arrival of Tectonic Plates serves notice that Dubstar are about to yield their most seismic payload to date. 

Pleasant surprises will often fall from a clear blue sky, but serious developments are stirring underfoot.

Listen to Tectonic Plates now:

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