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As a big fan of Sellorekt/LA Dreams, when Bunny X got an email alert that he’d just released a new album, Sparks, on December 27th, they bought it up immediately on Bandcamp and found themselves becoming particularly obsessed with the second track, In Common, which they started playing on repeat. They loved how hopeful and earnest the song felt as it reminded them of those coming-of-age emotions towards the end of high school when you’re so ready to leap ahead and become independent that you think you might just burst. When you want everything to speed up but it’s not quite time yet.

On a lark, they recorded a vocal arrangement for the track and sent it to Sellorekt/LA Dreams on New Year’s Eve. Suffice it to say, 2021 started off with a bang for the duo as Kevin of Sellorekt/LA Dreams responded that same night saying that he really liked the arrangement and was up for collaborating on it. Thus, Can’t Wait was born. Abigail and Mary of Bunny X went into the studio to record the song about a week later and Sellorekt/LA Dreams then began working on the mix. The song was pretty much finalized by mid-January when Abigail and Mary were catching up with some good friends of theirs (Jenny and Tony). After sharing Can’t Wait with them, Tony, who happens to be one of Sting’s lead engineers, and has also worked with Shaggy, Lady Gaga, Charlie XCX and others, graciously offered to punch up the mix for them and what you’re listening to is the final result.

Release date: March 26, 2021
Written by: A. Gordon, K. Montgomery
Produced by: SelloRekt/LA Dreams

℗ 2021 Aztec Music Publishing
© 2021 Aztec Records Ltd
All rights reserved

Bunny X Biography

Bunny X is an italo disco/synthwave duo that came to life in New York, NY in 2010, where the magic still happens. Its members are: Abigail Gordon, Mary Hanley and Conrad Kaneshiro. Gordon and Hanley met in New York in 2005 and quickly found that they shared a deep passion for 80’s new wave and italo disco music and eventually (after singing as backing vocalists for some local acts) had the thought of starting a project that would pay homage to their favorite genres. In October 2010, Gordon and a friend threw an italo disco party in the East Village and chanced to meet Kaneshiro, another lifelong italo disco fan and then local independent music producer. Following the party, Gordon, Kaneshiro and Hanley got together to discuss a partnership and the rest, as they say, is history.

After a few years of working together in New York, Kaneshiro relocated to Mexico City, where he resides today. Gordon and Hanley remain in New York. The group’s early influences include Madonna, Depeche Mode and The Pet Shop Boys while their italo influences include Ken Lazlo, Sandra and Valerie Dore, to name just a few. As time went on, members Gordon and Hanley realized they wanted to delve deeper into synthwave territory after being inspired by such artists as FM Attack, Mecha Maiko, Parallels and NINA. They realized that, while their roots were planted firmly in italo, they also enjoyed the dreamy neon 80s nostalgia that synthwave evokes. As such, starting in 2017, Bunny X began to release several retrowave-inspired tracks including Lasers and Lace, Stay, Unknown Places and Come Back. In addition, Gordon and Hanley began to collaborate with a number of other retrowave artists such as CJ Burnett, Vincenzo Salvia, Driver86, Turbo Knight, Ksmtk, Marvel83’ and, most recently, Sellorekt/LA Dreams.

Sellorekt/LA Dreams Biography

If you love your 80s soundtrack scores and synthesizer themes, then head over to Sellorekt/LA Dreams for a vast selection of amazing songs. Sellorekt/LA Dreams has been busy producing countless classics over the past year or so, and a great selection of vintage 80s music on his channels.

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26 Mar 2021 - Maxthor - Into The Light

Coming out of Spain in a haze of neon lights, electro synth pulses and eighties rock brilliance is Maxthor, a three piece with a unique and original retro futuristic sound. Forging a broad spectrum of influences, Maxthor take irresistible echoes of eighties giants like Phil Collins, Billy Idol and Survivor and filter them through their own lens of synth driven futurist-nostalgia.

Release date: March 26, 2021



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New 24 track compilation 'So Gay. So Dramatic.'
June 18th - every non-album track to date!

Message from Bright Light Bright Light:

Lots of fans have been asking about getting some of the singles on physical formats, and while I can't do that as it's just so expensive / bad for environment, I thought of something fun I COULD do to give these songs the life they deserve ;)

June 18th I'm releasing 'So Gay. So Dramatic.' where all the non-album tracks (not the covers) are divided into PART 1 (So Gay) and PART 2 (So Dramatic).

For the vinyl, Disc 1 (So Gay) is neon magenta, and Disc 2 (So Dramatic) is neon yellow.

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26 Mar 2021 - Oblique - Past Times

Past Times is the brand new album by Barcelona based duo Oblique, which drew inspiration from 80’s films like “Secret Admirer” or “Electric Dreams” whilst also reminding us that we must be aware of the present moment in a fully conscious way to not miss a thing. Displaying a huge arsenal of analog synths and drum machines, together with Sonja’s vocals and long hours watching 80s films, the band feeds on nostalgia and spreads out the joy of a decade that was a cultural milestone of an entire generation. 

 The album consists of two parts. In the first one, tracks like Luminous Emptiness, The Boombox and Written in Stone take us back to the sounds of the 80s, full of lights and end of term balls. In the second one, Black Heart, Telekinesis or The Wheel of Fortune Card take us into the world of cult movie “Labyrinth”, which transports us towards a more introspective vision while addressing the listener to discover the inner self.
The 10 tracks on the album will portray Oblique’s core idea and feeling behind the album: to go back in time to remember that first kiss, that first dance or the awakening of a first love. Past Times will make you see far beyond while you dance and dream. 

Release date: May 18, 2021

Written by:
J.R. Gonzalez Fernandez
S. Huerta Comes
L. Fares

Produced by: Oblique

℗ 2021 Aztec Music Publishing
© 2021 Aztec Records Ltd
All rights reserved

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25 Mar 2021 - H3000 - July Heat

A new project called H3000.

Before the pandemic hit, Luke Steel of Empire Of The Sun started working with producer Jarrad Rogers. They began creating, exploring different vocal processing mashed with pop writing and production, as the summer in California took off. It all ended up here. H3000 is a concept about what the issues of the heart and the heavens would be in the Year 3000. In this world Luke Steel lives as an avatar, Luke 18, along with Jarrad as MSTR Rogers.

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