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09 Feb 2021 - Young Empress - Home

Young Empress are a Synthwave duo inspired by movie soundtracks & 80s nostalgia. With a shared love of classic synths, haunting guitars, powerful harmonies & punchy, 80s inspired drums. Bursting with energy this duo has managed to craft their own unique brand of Synthwave.

Home is about being afraid. It's that moment of uncertainty, the fear of not knowing what the future holds. It's about being scared to be your true, authentic self. It's about feeling small and childlike, lost and trying to find a sense of belonging. Home is written from the perspective of those caught up within the depths of anxiety, feeling like a darkness surrounds them while they try to find the strength to overcome their fears and stand tall again.

Home is ethereal and haunting. Its melancholic retro wave opens with brooding undertones but evolves into bouncing pop vibes. It is heavily influenced by vocal harmony led classics and encapsulates the sound of an 80s movie montage where the hero of the story has reached their lowest point but has risen up to overcome their demons.

Analogue synths, guitars drenched in chorus and vocals reverberating out into the darkness, Home was written at the birth of Young Empress and marks a special place in our journey together as a duo.

It doesn’t feel like home
And nobody knows
It doesn’t feel like home

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Dark Age Day Dream by Eutropic is “a concept record that obsesses over the nature of time! It’s our attempt to make sense of reality, so it’s full of contradictions and ambiguities.” It’s a sonic journey, which takes the basic idea of synth-pop and then turns it inside-out, side-ways and upside-down. By intuitively connecting dots between synth-based musics – late 70s classic electronica, cold and new wave as well as all types of iterations of techno – Eutropic created a singular amalgam of sound: simultaneously dance-floor friendly and the perfect companion to deep introspection.

Dark Age Day Dream is a very emotional and personal record, a document to three years of life with all the ups and downs that it entailed. It’s a body of work that is full of nuance, relying more on the use of gradients than solid colors or clear-cut contrasts. For listeners who love hyper-textual songwriting, there is a lot of that going on here. Sain-Exupery’s story Little Prince is referenced on Distant World, Michael Ende’s graphic novel Momo on Gray, while Terry Pratchett’s novel Thief of Time on Pieces. The choice of sub-topics is also quite a cornucopia: time travel post-apocalypse (Step Back), real-life zombies (Awake), God is dead / the new religion (Silicon God), the dehumanising effects of digital technology (Down By Law), our primal wonder and awe (Starry Sky) and much more.

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07 Feb 2021 - Nina - The Beginning

NINA's four seminal songs (and instrumental versions) in digital and physical formats. The Queen of Synthwave presents the singles and B-sides that started it all. NINA's earliest releases have been repacked for a new generation of fans and adepts.

Also included, the iconic Blondie 'Heart Of Glass' featuring and produced by LAU, reimagined as a Synthwave anthem. A crowd favourite at the live shows.

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05 Feb 2021 - New Arcades - Proximity

Proximity: a retrospective collection of classic tracks from New Arcades.

Proximity includes the "Nothing is Lost" (EP) and a new 5 track EP selected from the catalogue called the "Dreamers Collection".

Release date: February 5, 2021 
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