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All proceeds donated to Asian Mental Health Collective.
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Laura Dre’s poignant, but often sexy and thought-provoking electronic and contemporary synth pop, breathes new life into the ever popular and evolving synth and retrowave scene, and indeed into modern electronic pop itself. Debut album 'Moving Spaces', produced by Robert Harder, releases through Outland Recordings in 2021.

Laura Dre’s second single follows swiftly on from debut lead single 'Moving Spaces', which hit over 50k views in just two weeks on YouTube and was also playlisted on UK national radio station Gaydio. The Robert Harder-produced number, All Day All Night, is an upbeat and sexy discowave tune, drenched in sparkle and a rhythmic bass, reminiscent of early Pet Shop Boys. Laura Dre explains, “this synth-pop tune is about having someone on their mind all day, all night”.

©2021 Laura Dre
℗2021 Outland Recordings

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Originally released in August 1990, this is the first ever expanded re-issue of Marc Almond's opulent sixth studio album. "Enchanted" is saturated in Marc Almond's signature poetic romanticism and contains some of his finest lyric writing in songs as various as the epic 'Madame De La Luna', 'Death's Diary' and 'Orpheus In Red Velvet'. The album's lush lead single, 'A Lover Spurned', is a classic Almond power ballad of unrequited love with an equally thrilling production by Stephen Hague, employing a melodramatically thunderous 48-piece orchestra.

We are delighted to re-instate "Enchanted" to Marc Almond's lustrous back catalogue. It really is serious pop at its best, taking the listener chronologically on a journey from the alluring enticements of 'Madame De La Luna' with gold in her veins, to the underworld torments of 'Orpheus In Red Velvet', with all the rich enjoyment of the celebratory myriad of virtues and vices that are sung about in between.



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Surrender is the first cut from Mondmann's debut album. In collaboration with Anny Where, the song is an ode to letting go. With its incessant pulse and hooky vocals the German producer is inviting us to surrender to his infectious music.

℗ 2021 Aztec Music Publishing
© 2021 Aztec Records Ltd

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