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24 Jun 2022 - Fused - Nightlife

The brand new single and remix collection of 'Nightlife' performed by award winning electropop artist Fused is out now.

Featuring the single remix of 'Nightlife' and new 'B side' track 'Axiom. Plus this 10 track release features extended and remix reworking of both tracks, along with new 'Bandcamp' exclusive tracks 'Cosmonaut' and 'Exhibition'. A feast for 'synthpop' fans the world over, this is the release that caps off the 'phase one' Exhibition era of Fused and starts phase two of this exciting, innovative electronic music project.

Click on the artwork for more info!

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1) Re: Fused - Nightlife
Written by Guest on 04 Sep 2022, 02:39
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2) Re: Fused - Nightlife
Written by Guest on 13 Sep 2022, 08:29
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