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Out today is Everything But The Girl's new 'Nothing Left To Lose Remix EP'. The EP is led by a box-fresh remix by Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden), and includes extended club and dub mixes of the original from Ben Watt and Bruno Ellingham.

Speaking about the new Four Tet remix, Ben and Tracey say: ‘We've always loved that meditative but propulsive thing in Kieran's music. The restraint mixed with momentum. It is something that we often explore as well, so asking him to rework one of our songs felt like a great fit. There is a confident lightness of touch to his remix, underpinned by a raw killer beat, and a beautiful final third where all the subtle intricacies of his additional production coalesce’.

Four Tet - fresh from a career-high show at New York’s Madison Square Garden with Fred Again and Skrillex last month - delivers a remix that steers the track further into 4-on-the-floor club territory, staying close to the original while still sprinkling the defining production elements that have made him such a revered producer.

The extended club and dub mixes by Ben Watt and album engineer Bruno Ellingham amp up and re-arrange the original version for dance floors.

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24 Mar 2023 - I Am Boleyn - Breathless

This is what I Am Boleyn has to say about the song:

'The Corrs are one of the bands I remember most from my childhood - their beautiful harmonies and infections pop songs bring up very happy memories! I really enjoyed recording this synth pop version of their classic 'Breathless'. What a chorus! I wanted to keep the energy of the original by using saxophone on that riff. It's the perfect cheeky love song and I hope we've kept that charm.'

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Simply Red TimeSimply Red are back with a new studio album, Time. Out on 26 May via Warner Music, the album is predceded by the release of new single Better With You. You can listen to it here.

“On the song itself, I’m reminiscing on phase one of the relationship with my wife, when we first met in Milan,” Mick Hucknall says of the track. “At that time, I was single and just partying my way around the world. And I thought to myself: well, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was just going along, having a right old time. It just stemmed from there.”

“When we were in lockdown, I went, well, jeez, who am I actually?” he says. “What makes me tick? And I realised: you are a songwriter. So why don’t you write some songs about who you are? That’s really the essence of this album.”

With a career spanning 12 studio albums as Simply Red (five of them No.1s), two solo LPs, back-to-back ASCAP Most Performed Song honours (1987 and 1988) for Holding Back The Years, consecutive Brit Awards (1992 and 1993) for Best British Group, a Brit for Best British Male (1993), the 1997 MOBO for Outstanding Achievement, two Ivor Novellos (1992 Songwriter of the Year; 2002 Outstanding Song Collection), and some 60 million album sales, Mick is ready to continue the ride into the next chapter.

“Music is one of those wonderful communicators,” he says. “Each and every person can have an interpretation of a song that can mean something to them. To be able to create something that is then shared with millions of people all over the world – what a joy. How can anything be more rewarding and fulfilling than that?”

Track Listing
1. Better With You
2. Just Like You
3. Let Your Hair Down
4. Shades 22
5. It Wouldn’t Be Me
6. Never Be Gone
7. Too Long At The Fair
8. Slapbang
9. Hey Mister
10. Just Like You (Pt. 2)
11. Butterflies
12. Earth In A Lonely Space

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Click on the artwork to pre-save, stream or purchase.
Unready To Go
Mike Haunted & Chris KD
Out Wednesday 1st March
Airport 366
Out Thursday 2nd March
Out Friday 3rd March
Used To Be
Arcade Memories
Out Thursday 9th March
Michaela May
Out Friday 10th March
Pure Synthwave, Vol. 5
Various Artists
Out Thursday 16th March
Slave To Love
Out Friday 17th March
The World
Future Analog & Wesley Reid
Out Thursday 23rd March
I Am Boleyn 
Out Friday 24th March
Breaking Away
(Song for Chevette & Rydell)

Bunny X
Out Friday 31st March

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B.E.F. - Music For Stowaways

B.E.F. - Music For Stowaways

The first reissue of seminal early 1980's electronic recordings from the British Electric Foundation (B.E.F.), featuring Heaven 17 / ex-The Human League's Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh, with Adi Newton (Clock DVA) and John Wilson

Its initial release in March 1981 was a limited edition numbered eight song cassette entitled 'Music for Stowaways', with 'Stowaways' being a reference to the original name for the then-new Sony portable cassette player - later renamed the Walkman - of which B.E.F. were great fans. 'Music for Stowaways' was intended to be listened to on such a device. The cassette was followed by a seven song LP, 'Music For Listening To', which had a slightly different tracklisting, while other B.E.F. music was utilised for B-sides of early singles by Heaven 17.

Available in CD and LP Vinyl formats.

B.E.F. - Music For Stowaways is released Friday, 21st April 2023 and is available to pre-order now.

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