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Again, I Wait For The World’ originally dates back to 1979 and another of Neil Arthur’s earlier bands, the pre-Blancmange and long-forgotten L360. This 45-year old song kept nagging at him so earlier this year he finally completed it. Despite its incredibly prolonged gestation it sounds oddly modern, capturing the urgency and propulsion of a band still carving out a unique and vital space in music.

“I’m still trying to find the other members of L360 to credit them,” says Neil, “because without them, I wouldn’t be here.”

‘Again, I Wait for The World’ is the calling card for ‘Everything is Connected – The Best of Blancmange 1979 – 2024’ encompassing the band’s chart hits, left-leaning tracks and everything in-between.  Blancmange tour throughout the UK in May and June in support of the collection.

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15 Mar 2024 - Code 64 - The Shape

Code 64 returns with their latest single, “The Shape”. This track is the first glimpse into their upcoming six-track EP titled “In Search of Mysteries”. “The Shape” is a laidback and beautiful track that carries the unmistakable Code 64 touch, promising to be a future classic.

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Working with Dead Or Alive’s later recordings, legendary producer, Pete ‘Mixmaster’ Hammond, has under taken a throwback Hi-NRG remix project, completely re-playing and reworking 11 of the Dead Or Alive’s recordings, in the classic 80s sound.

Listen now to Total Stranger (Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix):

Total Stranger (Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix) is the first single taken from Dead Or Alive - The Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remixes (2CD).

This version is set in Seven Inch Deluxe Gatefold Packaging, with 8-page booklet containing an intro note with the backstory behind the album’s concept.

1. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) 2000 [Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix] 09:37
2. Hit And Run Lover [Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix] 08:28
3. U Were Meant 4 Me [Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix] 08:28
4. Lover Come Back To Me 2000 [Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix] 08:24
5. My Love's On The Line [Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix] 08:56
6. Gone 2 Long [Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix] 08:13

1. Total Stranger [Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix] 10:09
2. Unhappy Birthday [Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix] 09:26
3. Something In My House 2000 [Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix] 08:05
4. I Don't Care About Your Heart [Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix] 08:53
5. My Heart Goes Bang 2000 [Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remix] 08:30

Pre-order: Dead Or Alive - The Pete Hammond Hi-NRG Remixes (2CD)

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