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17 Feb 2024 - New Arcades - Evolve



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With the success of 'Streets After Sundown', and 'Feline Funk' hot off the press, Montreal based producer EhRah keeps the ball rolling with the release of 'Works Of Art'. Enlisting the help of heavy hitter singer LAU alongside the super funky band Lafanki, this three way collaboration brings together the best of three worlds: Lafanki's catchy vocal hooks, LAU's buttery smooth choruses, and EhRah's funk influenced production.

The song is reminiscent of past good times with friends, when we were younger and lived carefree, partying all night, being spontaneous and going wherever life took us.

Continuing this new phase of his musical journey, 'Works Of Art' is the third single leading up to EhRah's new upcoming album 'Beyond The Sky'. In the forefront of this song are the two contrasting vocal performances. Underlying both vocals are a solid instrumental background mostly held together by the smooth bass and enchanting chords. 'Works Of Art' combines a funky instrumental with melancholic vocals to create a vibrant track.

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While there is still no word on new music from Empathy Test, singer/songwriter Isaac Howlett will be releasing his first solo single this month.  

"House Of Cards", while not a million miles away from what you'd hope and expect from a new Empathy Test single, finds Isaac's poignant and arresting vocals bolstered by the energy of a punchy uptempo beat and angular synth-bass groove.

With lyrics confronting the brutal reality but eventual relief of escaping a toxic relationship, the first taste of Isaac Howlett's solo material will have you dancing with tears in your eyes.

Please support Isaac if you can by pre-saving "House Of Cardson Spotify now. The song releases everywhere digitally on 28th February 2024. Preorders on Apple Music and other streaming platforms as well as Bandcamp, begins on 14th February.

Don't forget to book tickets for 
Empathy Test's 10th anniversary tour, which starts March the 1st in Copenhagen and March 2nd in Helsingborg, Sweden, before extensive dates in Germany and the UK. 

Empathy Test will be performing a 2 hour set covering their full back catalogue and if their emotional and sold out show in Leipzig (video here) was anything to go on, these shows are not to be missed.
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