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29 Sep 2004 - Scissor Sisters - Mary


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28 Sep 2004 - New 80's News

DEPECHE MODE are to release a series of online tasters for their forthcoming remix package which is scheduled for an October 25th release... the band will release a series of one-track downloads on October 25th via their own website and on commercial download sites, followed by a series of download only mixes on November 1st plus a digital EP on the same date.

KYLIE MINOGUE has announced that she WILL release her recent collaboration with the Scissor Sisters. In fact one of the tracks 'I Believe in You' will be released as a single on November 29th following the release of a much anticipated hits compilation 'Ultimate Kylie' that will be released on November 15th and will cover all the stages of Kylie's career from 1987's 'Locomotion' to the present day and in addition to her Scissor Sisters duet will feature another new track 'Giving You Up'.

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22 Sep 2004 - More 80's News

MARC ALMOND has recorded a version of one of LAURA BRANIGAN's biggest hits 'Self Control'. The SOFT CELL frontman features on the 'Self Control EP' which is to be released by Replicant on October 4th (the ep will also feature a new track from Marc Almond a new version of his track 'Fur'). In the meantime a new Laura Branigan compilation album is in the pipeline to mark her unexpected death at the end of August. The album will feature most of her singles starting with 'Gloria' and ending with 'Dim All The Lights'. The release is expected to be in the shops next year.

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22 Sep 2004 - 80's News

LIVE AID will be issued on a four DVD set on November 1st featuring all the performers from the London and Philadelphia shows (with the exception of Led Zepplin who have refused to allow the release of their performance on the grounds of 'substandard sound', but will donate proceeds from their own DVD and tour to the Live Aid charity instead). The Live Aid release also features a documentary and the videos to BAND AID's 'Do they Know It's Christmas', USA FOR AFRICA's 'We Are The World' and DAVID BOWIE and MICK JAGGER's 'Dancing In The Streets'.

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22 Sep 2004 - New Releases

This Is The World
We Live In (CD1)
This Is The World
We Live In (CD2)
Caught In A Moment
Caught In A Moment

RammsteinDuran Duran

1. Reise, Reise
2. Mein Teil
3. Dalai Lama
4. Keine Lust
5. Los
6. Amerika
7. Moskau
?? 8. Morgenstern
?? 9. Stein um Stein
10. Ohne dich
11. Amour

CD & Digipack
Reise Reise (CD)Sunshine (CDs)


Girls AloudSiobhan Fahey
Love Machine (CD1)Love Machine (7")Love Machine (CD2)She's Lost Control
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